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Loading Fee 10.00
Balance Inquiry 10.00
Cash Drawing 50.00
Fund Transfer 10.00***
Using RCBC/RCBC Savings Bank ATMs
MyWallet Balance Inquiry thru RCBC Savings Bank ATMs 1.00
MyWallet Cash Drawing thru RCBC Savings Bank ATMs 2.00
Fund Transfer - MyWallet to MyWallet**** 5.00
Fund Transfer - RCBC Acct. to MyWallet**** 10.00
Using Other BancNet Member Bank's ATMs
Balance Inquiry 2.00
Cash Drawing 14.00
Fund Transfer - RCBC Acct. to MyWallet 27.50
Fund Transfer - MyWallet to MyWallet 27.50
Using Visa ATMs (Overseas)*****
Balance Inquiry 50.00
Cash Drawing 150.00
Using RCBC AccessOne Internet and Mobile Banking
Balance Inquiry Waived
Fund Transfer Waived
Other Processing Fees
Annual Fee***** 100.00
Inactivity Fee****** 200.00
Card Replacement 100.00
***SC-Service Charge, PC-Penalty Charge, PC=Php 200/check/Php 40,000/day; ****Charged on source account; *****Applicable to MyWallet with Visa Logo; ******To be applied on the last day of the 13th month and every month thereafter. The value stored in RCBC MyWallet Cash Card is not a deposit account and is not insured by PDIC