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RCBC offers various ways of sending money from key cities and countries abroad to the Philippines. Under the brand name, RCBC TeleMoney, Filipinos overseas can choose from a range of automated remittance services that are fast, safe, reliable and convenient in sending money to their beneficiaries back home.

TeleMoney offers a broad range of value-added products and services such as:

RCBC Tele-Credit
Tele-Credit (Credit to RCBC / RSB or other Bank accounts)

With RCBC TeleCredit, remitters can have their remittances credited to an RCBC account or account with another local bank. This is the safest and fastest way to remit funds as proceeds are immediately credited to the beneficiary's account and available for withdrawal within 24 hours from any RCBC, RCBC Savings Bank, BancNet, MegaLink or ExpressNet ATM.

RCBC Tele-Remit
Tele-Remit (Advise and Pay Anywhere)

With its "Advise and Pay Anywhere" service or RCBC TeleRemit, remittances are sent to the beneficiaries at the shortest possible time. Through its instant notification feature via SMS (or Short Messaging System), the beneficiary is immediately notified of incoming remittance. The beneficiary has the option of picking up the cash from any branches of RCBC or RCBC Savings Bank; branch of accredited retail store chain and pawnshops nearest him/her. These store outlets make it possible for the beneficiary to claim his remittance even after banking hours or during weekends and holidays.

RCBC Tele-Door 2 Door
Tele–Door 2 Door

With RCBC TeleMoney Door-to-Door, cash is delivered via courier directly to the beneficiary's given address, providing ease and convenience to the beneficiary. What's more, service comes with delivery of messages to and from the beneficiaries, for free!

RCBC Tele-Door 2 Door

Telepay is RCBC’s international bills payment service that allows overseas Filipinos to course their payments intended to around thirty-five (35) Telepay-accredited Companies in the Philippines through RCBC Telemoney’s international network of more than one thousand remittance offices and tie-ups spread over Middle East, Asia, Europe and USA. Remitters may pay for their SSS contributions, home amortizations and insurance premiums, among others, with the use of this service.