Usher in the Year of the Rabbit with this RCBC Hexagon Club Exclusive Offer:
5.88% per annum on 1-year Peso Time Deposit




1.  The RCBC Hexagon Club’s 2023 Chinese New Year Special Time Deposit Rate Exclusive Offer (”Exclusive Offer”) will be available from January 16 to 31, 2023 (”Offer Period”).

2.  Under this Exclusive Offer, a Hexagon Club Privilege or Priority member’s over-the-counter Peso time deposit (“Peso TD”) placements that will meet all of the following criteria will qualify for the following special time deposit rate, which is on a per annum basis and exclusive of all applicable taxes:Hexagon-Club_CNY-TD-Offer-2023_webpage_table-2

For the avoidance of doubt, Peso TDs placed through RCBC’s online banking facilities or channels other than RCBC’s Business Centers are not eligible for this Exclusive Offer.

3. “Fresh Funds” means an over-the-counter Peso TD placement in RCBC, which, in RCBC’s sole determination, meets all of the following criteria:

  1. Comprised of (i) funds from checks drawn on banks and financial institution other than RCBC and which are deposited in RCBC and are paid by the drawee within the Offer Period; and/or (ii) any other funds that are not already deposited in or are in the possession of RCBC at any point during the Offer Period;
  2. Did not originate from a withdrawal and re-deposit of funds in RCBC, or a rollover of any time deposit placement, during the Offer Period for sole purpose of qualifying (or re-qualifying) for the Exclusive Offer; and
  3. Results in an increase of total deposit balances in RCBC.

4.  In case of "joint-or" accounts, only the primary account holder is eligible. This means that upon account opening, the primary account holder should be the qualified Hexagon Club Privilege or Priority member.

5.  This Exclusive Offer cannot be availed in conjunction with other Time Deposit promotions of RCBC. Hexagon Club add-on rates shall not apply.

6.  Standard procedures and policies governing the opening of an account will apply. All newly opened accounts are subject to RCBC’s policies, procedures, terms and conditions governing deposit accounts.

7.  In case of dispute, the decision of RCBC on all matters relating to the Exclusive Offer shall be final and binding on all clients.

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