We are a leading universal bank providing quality Integrated Financial Services that best meet our clients’ needs.

We are committed to: Conducting our business with utmost integrity, excellence, and commitment as responsible corporate citizens; and,

Providing professional growth opportunities to develop a talented base of officers and employees, and achieving the best returns for our stockholders.


To be the most admired and trusted profitable financial services group providing and adapting to customers’ changing needs - for every Filipino worldwide - through innovative products, excellent service and a highly motivated, committed and impassioned team.

Core Values

In line with our vision to be strongly synergized with the rest of YGC and with the end goal of promoting and projecting a strong YGC identity/brand to our customers and the general public, the YGC Human Resources (HR) Council undertook a thorough review of the corporate values of all YGC member-companies to derive common standards for behavioral excellence and arrive at common appellations therefor.

The review resulted in the indication of five (5) YGC Core Values, to wit:

Passion for Excellence striving to be great and not just good; improving our results continuously.

Sense of Urgency doing things fast; taking the initiative to respond to the needs of various stakeholders, internal and external clients.

Professional Discipline possessing strong work ethic; deserving trust and respect; using bank funds and property (including time) prudently; acting with fairness and objectivity; being accountable for actions.

Loyalty being good corporate citizens; pursuing corporate interests as one's own; speaking well of the company & taking pride in its achievements.

Teamwork tapping areas of synergy actively; collaborating toward shared goals.