The TelePay Remittance Facility

With Telepay, Remitters can conveniently pay bills with our accredited partners.

For over a decade now, more and more companies are enrolling to our TelePay Remittance Service Facility and reaping the convenience that it brings. This is RCBC’s International Bills Payment Service that allows overseas Filipinos to course their payments intended for an “enrolled Company (in the Phils.)” through our RCBC TeleMoney remittance offices and tie-ups abroad.

Upon receipt of the remitted payment(s), RCBC TeleMoney Operations will then post the remittance credits to the enrolled Company’s RCBC account. RCBC will also forward an automatic TelePay system-generated transaction report to the enrolled Company’s designated authorized email address(es) for easy monitoring purposes containing the following informations:

  • remitter’s name
  • payment code (description)
  • amount and date of remittance
  • details of property unit (address of the unit)
  • reference number for each remittance transaction

In addition, the enrolled Company’s International Sales Agents can coordinate with our designated RCBC TeleMoney Marketing Officers abroad for any sales and promotional events relating to the former’s business abroad.

The enrollment to Telepay is free and fast! Just submit the following:

  • any existing RCBC account number
  • Business papers (photocopies only)
  • Memorandum of Agreement
  • Secretary’s Certificate (for Telepay)
  • Designated email address(es) for Telepay reports

As for the overseas remitter, he/she will enjoy the convenience of paying through our more than one thousand remittance offices and tie-ups abroad spread over Middle East, Asia, Europe and USA. There is no need for the remitters to memorize the account number of the enrolled Company in filling-out the “TelePay Bills Payment” form. And our remittance fee remains one of the lowest in the industry counting the competitive foreign exchange rate we apply per transaction. Each remittance transaction will be issued an official receipt as proof of transaction.

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