Disbursement Services

Through RCBC’s Disbursement Services, we help you run your company run more efficiently so you can focus on its productivity and profitability. We automate operations like check preparation, printing and reconciliation, freeing up time so your company can focus on doing the things that will make it successful.

Corporate Check - Self Service

Corporate Check - Self Service allows the company to automate the preparation of the voucher, printing of the checks as well as the processing of the check reconciliation by logging in to RCBC Online Corporate (ROC). Moreover, a three-part check is provided to the client to print the acknowledgement details, voucher details and the check.


  • 1. Comprehensive Data Entry
  • 2. Consilidated Check Voucher Printing
  • 3. Customizable Company Logo and Name
  • 4. Auto Reconcilliation of Payables
  • 5. Comprehensive Reporting Facility


  • 1. Efficiency
  • 2. Economical
  • 3. Up-to-date Information
  • 4. Security
  • 5. Enhanced Corporate Image

Managers Check - Outsourced Printing

The Managers Check - Outsourced Printing is a facility that allows the corporate customers to completely outsource the administrative task of processing, printing and cutting of checks. Checks will be printed by RCBC in the form of MC (Manager's Check). MC request and status of such request is accessed via logging in to RCBC Online Corporate (ROC). Processed MCs may be released to the company representative or directly to the payee. In addition, the company has the option to select at which RCBC branch the processed MCs will be released.

You can automate the company's preparation and monitoring of disbursement data that are sent through uploaded files via RCBC Online Corporate (ROC). This comes with a converter for the company to upload their MC check requests online.


  • 1. Outsourced Check Printing
  • 2. Preference on the mode of Release
  • 3. Preference on the releasing brances
  • 4. Up-to-date reporting


  • 1. Outsourced Check Printing
  • 2. Increased Efficiency
  • 3. Reduced Administrative Costs
  • 4. Strategic Branch Network

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