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What is your primary objective for investing?

Capital Preservation
Source of Regular Income
Higher potential investment returns
Capital growth
For Use After Retirement


  • Recognizing that higher returns are generally associated with higher risks, you are more comfortable with investments that primarily have:

    No Risk
    Little Risk
    Moderate Risk
    High Risk
  • As an investor, you describe yourself as:

    Conservative : One that seeks to avoid any loss of investment's total value at all times and prefers investment products with guaranteed returns and short investment horizons.
    Moderately conservative : One that seeks a relatively stable return on investment that is slightly higer than the traditional term deposit but is willing to take minor negative/unfavorable fluctuations in returns for a shorter term
    Slightly Aggressive : One that prefers fixed income securities exclusively but is looking for higher returns over the long term and is willing to take moderate negative fluctuations in returns
    Moderately Aggressive : One that seeks a balance between capital growth and income and is willing to take negative fluctuations in returns.
    Aggressive : One who seeks to achieve growth and high returns and is willing to take negative fluctuations in returns including the possible impairment/loss of the initial/principal investment.


  • Which among the following instruments have you previously invested or is currently investing in?

    Time Deposits
    Government Securities
    Preferred Shares
    Foreign Currency Swaps
    Listed Stocks
    Structured Products
    Bonds/Commercial Papers
    Promissory Notes
    Mutual Funds
    Offshore Mutual Funds


  • How long do you intend to keep your funds invested?

    Very Short-term (30-60days)
    Short-term (Over 60days to 1 year)
    Medium-term (over 1 year to 3 years)
    Long-term (more than 3 years)
  • How important is liquidity when deciding on your investment horizon?

    Very Important
    Slightly Important
    Moderately Important
    Not Important


  • Based on your investment experience which among the following Unit Investment Trust Funds are you comfortable investing in?

    Peso Denominated Funds

    Rizal Peso Money Market Fund
    Rizal Peso Bond Fund
    Rizal Balanced Fund
    Rizal Equity Fund
    Rizal Peso Cash Management Fund

    US Dollar Denominated Funds

    Rizal Peso Money Market Fund
    Rizal Peso Bond Fund
    Rizal Global Equity Feeder Fund
  • How much would you be willing to invest in UITF?


  • All RCBC UITFs are subject to daily marking to market for valuation purposes.
  • The NAVPU of a UITF product may fluctuate upwards or downwards depending on the volatility of prices of various investment instruments in the market, including government securities and other fixed income investments. As such, UITF is not capital protected and may not be suitable for client seeking preservation of capital.
  • The trustee is not allowed to quote indicative rates of return for the UITF products.
  • The yield on UITF products is not guaranteed. Any income or loss shall be for the account and risk of the investors.
  • Historical performance of a UITF when presented is purely for reference purposes and is not a guarantee of future results.
  • UITFs are trust products and not a deposit hence not covered by PDIC.
  • Withdrawals prior to the lapse of the holding period shall be subject to the prescribed early withdrawal charges.
  • The proceeds of UITF investments shall be based on the NAVPU applicable to the date of redemption.
  • Payment of the UITF proceeds shall be made on the prescribed settlement date of the product.
  • The trustee is not liable for losses, except those resulting from willful default, bad faith or gross negligence.
  • No partial withdrawal from a Confirmation of Participation shall be allowed.

This Client Suitability Assessment (CSA) is done prior to opening of the UITF account in order to profile the risk –return orientation of the client. The results of this assessment shall be used as a basis to recommend various classes of UITFs. If the results of the CSA show that the client is not suited for the Fund/s selected, but the client nevertheless decides to invest in the Fund, the Trustee shall require the client to sign a waiver to disregard the results of the CSA. The client may consequently revise the CSA at any time given the changes in the client’s circumstances or preferences. The Trustee shall adopt a notice mechanism designed to remind the client to update the Trustee of a change in the client’s characteristics, preferences or circumstances.

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