2017: Believe in Momentum

We are on a path of transformation. RCBC has only become stronger over time. The organization has developed an ability to stay resilient even with the increasing complexity and risks of markets, more banking regulation, and tough competition.

2016: Legacies, Rising to the Call of Leadership

At the cornerstone of our ambition is to become the most trusted financial partner to every Filipino worldwide. On our 56th year, we have proven that nothing can distract us from working towards that vision. In the face of difficulty, we demonstrated stability in continuing to provide progressive financial products and services to our stakeholders.

2015: Lasting Bonds, Sustaining Relationships

The business of banking goes beyond one-time transactions. It is meant to be a continuous cycle that provides value to our clients in a manner that is consistent and dependable. Built on a solid foundation of trust and integrity, synergy is achieved when balanced with transparency, in-depth knowledge, reliability and communication. RCBC aims to meet the needs of our customers at every stage of their lives, and be a rewarding long-term partner to all our stakeholders.

2014: Into the Fold

RCBC reached out to a wider market in 2014, increasing opportunities for different sectors of society including the unbanked. Through smarter solutions and technological innovations. This is part of RCBC's commitment to bridging communities and bringing more into the fold.

2013: Hope Rises

The spirit of bayanihan; our peoples' warm smiles; and, our joyous festivals. All of these only prove that no catastrophe - not even in the magnitude of the great super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) can break the Filipinos' positivity and optimism. In a similar fashion, RCBC was able to provide domestic and international clients financial resiliency, in a year that was tested by political, economic and environmental challenges. Both for the Philippines and RCBC, hope for the brighter things ahead truly springs eternal.

2012: Year of the Dragon

A symbol of strength, vigilance and good fortune, the dragon made its year 2012 truly auspicious for RCBC as the bank experienced unparalleled growth and reaped multiple recognition. In tandem with the nation's economic stability and growth, this favorable confluence enabled RCBC to firm up its commitment to stand out and serve with excellence.

2011: About The Year

The cone-shaped edifice of the RCBC Plaza is a definitive feature that separates it from any other office buildings in the country. Just like the uncompromising design of its headquarters, RCBC continues to distinct itself from the rest of the field, carving itself a niche in the banking industry and building a reputation for service excellence and innovative products. The year 2011 was all about the growth RCBC has achieved in all of its business fronts and the significant progress it has made towards realizing its vision of becoming the most admired and trusted profitable financial services group.

2010: Shining Moments

Gold, the embodiment of wealth and good fortune, came to stand for RCBC's gleaming legacy in 2010 as we marked 50 remarkable years of service. It was a time for looking back at the last half century we completed, appreciating all the moments that made us shine. Punctuating the milestone thanksgiving celebrations we hosted for our valued clients and business partners were standout quarterly performances that enabled us, in the end, to enjoy double-digit growth and substantial returns. True wealth lies though, in our continuous commitment to serve the best interest of our customers. We put to heart our purpose of providing professional and personalized services that touch base with clients, corporations, and other members of the communities we serve. This sense of duty, above anything else, sets RCBC's 50 years of service in gold. Together with all our valued clients, business partners, officers and employees, we will shine even brighter in the years to come.

2009: Excellence Beyond Expectations

The natural and man-made upheavals of 2009 revealed the difference between companies that perform, and those that outperform. The former are content to negotiate past a crisis with passable results, like when they narrowly edged themselves past the pitfalls of the global recession; the latter show true resiliency by not just going the distance, but going beyond, giving more than their share and winning everyone that they touch. At RCBC, this is how we perform: by pushing the bounds of our capability to weather global crisis and local calamities, and emerging with a sense of not just having survived, but having triumphed. The growth we achieved during this time is the hard-won fruit of our commitment to render excellence beyond everyone's expectations.

2008: Buhay Rizal - An Icon For Greatness

Buhay Rizal, the corporate social responsibility program that espouses the values that are closest to the heart of Dr. Jose Rizal, has come to define the year 2008 for Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation. Going beyond namesake, the bank shares a deep affinity with the National Hero in the way that it has long been espousing the principles of excellence, discipline, honor and integrity, and pride for the Filipino race. While the year in review was characterized by economic turmoil, RCBC, along with the rest of the Yuchengco Group of Companies, turned to the Buhay Rizal way to strengthen its business fundamentals, render innovative service to the public, renew the people's faith and values, and emerge with renewed strength, dignity, and determination to succeed.