Company's Policies

Use of Inside Information

There are laws that prohibit the use of inside information when buying, sellingor trading publicly traded securities, including RCBC securities. Inside information can take many forms, but always includes information which is not available to the public and which might influence an investor's decision to buy, sell or hold securities in a company.

Employees should not buy, sell or trade RCBC securities or the securities of other companies about which employees have inside information, until that information becomes public. In addition, this information should not be shared with anyone else, including family members or friends or anyone about trading in any securities based on this information.

Because inside information is extremely valuable, it must be handled just as like the way other RCBC proprietary information is handled. Employees do not discuss it with family, friends or anyone else; do not talk about it in public places; do not fax it to unattended machines; and not tell others at RCBC unless they must know for legitimate business reasons.