Board and Board Committee Charters


At least three (3) members of the Board of Directors.


Helen Y. Dee (NED) – Chairperson
Cesar E.A. Virata (NED)
Eugene S. Acevedo (ED)

The Technology Committee exercises authority over all IT Project Steering Committees of the various RCBC Business Groups and subsidiaries (The Group), with the principal purpose of assisting the Board in fulfilling the following oversight responsibilities:

  • Approves major IT investments.
  • Manages and aligns IT initiatives across the Group.
  • Reviews status of major projects.
  • Prioritizes IT initiatives, when warranted.
  • Evaluates emerging IT solutions for use of the Group.
  • Reviews and resolves IT risks and other IT related issues raised in the TechCom.
  • Ensures compliance to BSP rules and regulations relating to Information Technology.