Board and Board Committee Charters


At least five (5) members including (i) the president or any senior officer of the bank and (ii) the trust officer. The remaining committee members, including the chairman, may be any of the following: (i) non-executive directors or independent directors who are not part of the Audit Committee or (ii) those considered as qualified independent professionals, provided that in case there are more than five (5) Trust Committee members, the majority shall be composed of qualified non-executive members.


Juan B. Santos (ID) – Chairperson
Cesar E.A. Virata (NED)
Eugene S. Acevedo (ED)
Atty. Lilia B. De Lima (NED)
Mario T. Miranda, Incumbent Trust Officer - Member

The Trust Committee is a special committee which reports directly to the Board of Directors and is primarily responsible for overseeing the fiduciary activities of the Bank.