Prepaid Card

RCBC helps you access your money anytime, anywhere! RCBC’s prepaid cards helps you do banking transactions like any regular ATM card: withdrawals, cashless shopping, balance inquiry and bills payment - all without the hassles of keeping a monthly maintaining balance.


MyWallet Bills Payment

Pay bills the easy way!
With your RCBC MyWallet Card, you can now pay your various bills like Meralco, Globe/Smart, credit cards, etc. at any RCBC, RCBC Savings Bank, other BancNet ATMs nationwide.

Just follow these simple steps at the ATM:

  1. Insert your ATM card and enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  2. On the screen, select
  3. Key-in your billing Account number
  4. Choose the account from which your payment will be taken:
  5. Enter the amount to be paid and confirm it.
  6. Get your transaction slip as proof of payment.

Cashless Shopping
through Point-of-Sale or POS Terminals

With BancNet's or Visa's POS terminals, RCBC MyWallet Card allows you to shop even without touching the money in your pocket. That's because when settling your bill at the counter, you can simply pay with your RCBC MyWallet Card at no extra charge!

It is accepted at over 2,000 BancNet merchants nationwide and over 29 million Visa accredited merchants* worldwide. So, there's no need to take the extra step of going to the ATM to withdraw. This service enables your merchant to automatically debit your account balance upon purchasing of an item.

How to use the RCBC MyWallet Card at POS Terminals:
  • Shop anywhere
  • Look for the BancNet or Visa* signage or simply ask the cashier if they accept BancNet or Visa* cards.
  • Present and pay with your RCBC MyWallet Card.
  • At the counter, the cashier swipes or dips your RCBC MyWallet Card in the POS Terminal
  • Cashier will request you to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) which is the same PIN that you use in the ATM or may request you to sign on the Merchant's Sales slip/s for some of Visa's accredited merchants.
  • This will electronically deduct the exact amount of your purchase from your RCBC MyWallet account.
Note: Please ensure that your MyWallet balance covers the amount of your purchase, otherwise, transaction will be rejected.

* Applicable to RCBC MyWallet Card with Visa logo
Loading Fee 20.00
Balance Inquiry 10.00
Cash Drawing 50.00
Fund Transfer 20.00*
Using RCBC/RCBC Savings Bank ATMs
MyWallet Balance Inquiry thru RCBC Savings Bank ATMs 1.00
MyWallet Cash Drawing thru RCBC Savings Bank ATMs 2.00
Fund Transfer - MyWallet to MyWallet*** 5.00
Fund Transfer - RCBC Acct. to MyWallet*** 10.00
Using Other BancNet Member Bank's ATMs
Balance Inquiry 2.00
Cash Drawing 14.00
Fund Transfer - RCBC Acct. to MyWallet 27.50
Fund Transfer - MyWallet to MyWallet 27.50
Using Visa ATMs (Overseas)****
Balance Inquiry 50.00
Cash Drawing 150.00
Using RCBC Online Banking
Balance Inquiry Waived
Fund Transfer Waived
Other Processing Fees
Inactivity Fee***** 200.00
Card Purchase Fee:
Non-Visa Card 100.00
Visa Card** 150.00
MyWallet Transaction Limits
Deposit / Credits 100,000.00
ATM Cash Withdrawal
Single Transaction 20,000.00
Daily Transaction 50,000.00
Bills Payment 50,000.00
Fund Transfer 50,000.00
OTC Cash Withdrawal 100,000.00
POS/eCommerce Purchase 100,000.00

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