Time Deposit

RCBC’s Time Deposit products rewards your patience by giving you a risk-free investment option that gives you more in return the longer you save.

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    Peso Time Deposit

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    Peso Time Deposit Rates

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    US Dollar Time Deposit

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    US Dollar Time Deposit Rates

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    Other Foreign Currency Time Deposit

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    Other Foreign Currency Time Deposit Rates

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    2 3 4 Year Time Deposit

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    5 Year Peso Time Deposit

    RCBC 5 Year Peso Time Deposit (Monthly Interest Crediting)

    Minimum Amount of Placement



    Term of Placement


    5 years + 1 day

    Interest Rate



    Amount Rate*
    100,000 to < 500,000 4%
    500,000 to < 1M 4%
    1M to < 2.5M 4%
    2.5M to < 5M 4%
    5M and up 4%
    *Interest rates are subject to change without prior notice.

    Acceptable Forms of Placement


    Checks (On-Us, Local, Regional, MC)

    Debit from CASA

    Interest Payment Crediting



    Withholding Tax


    For Individual Accounts

    Interest earned shall be exempted from 20% withholding tax if TD is maintained more than 5 years

    Documentary Tax


    To be shouldered by the bank if TD is maintained until maturity otherwise DST shall be shouldered by the client if pre-terminated

    Settlement Account


    Checking Account or Savings Account

    Acceptable forms of payment of



    Credit to Checking Account or Savings Account

    Pre-Termination Rate

    a. Pre-termination within 1st half of term : Agreed Interest Rate x 25%
    b. Pre-termination within 2nd half of term : Agreed Interest Rate x 50%

    Interest = Principal x Pre-Term Rate x Days Lapsed / 365 days* (366 days for leap year)

    Applicable Withholding Tax Rates for Pre-Terminated TD Individual Accounts If TD is pre-terminated in:

          - 4yrs to less than 5 yrs + 1 day = 5%
          - 3yrs to less than 4yrs = 12%
          - Less than 3 yrs = 20% = 20%

PDIC Disclaimer *Foreign Currency Time Deposits are available in selected branches only

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