Unlock possibilities for your business with RCBC

RCBC Corporate Loans assist you with your corporate financial obligations.




Credit Line

Get a revolving credit facility for your short-term capital requirements. Borrow funds up to an approved maximum limit.

This is usually granted to augment a business’ short term working capital requirements.


Accounts Receivable Line

Get a revolving credit facility that liquifies your account receivables.


Bills Purchased Line

Get a credit line from the purchase of your current-dated local checks.


Second Endorsed Check Purchase Line

Get a credit line that allows purchase of checks payable to individuals / entities other than the borrower – presenter.


Floor Stock Financing

Get a financing facility that helps you purchase your floor inventory based on its value, marketability and disposal.


This type of credit facility is normally given to entities engaged on motor vehicle / heavy equipment dealership business.




Letter of Credit Line

Get a credit facility that guarantees payment from buyer to seller with a written undertaking from the bank.


Trust Receipt Line

Get a credit facility that finances bills for imported and domestic goods under a Letter of Credit. It helps importers and domestic buyers like you secure inventory and settle payments after your stocks are sold.


Shipping Guarantee

RCBC can issue an undertaking to a shipping company that guarantees the release of goods without an original shipping document (bill of lading). It allows you to secure your goods with ease as the carrier is free of legal consequences.




Export Advance Loan / Line

Get a credit facility that advances funding to finance the production of your export goods. This will assist your approved pre-export requirements.


Export Bills Purchased Line

Get a credit line that purchases your drafts or bills of exchange under a letter of credit from foreign banks. It helps exporters like you secure your collections earlier from export transactions.




Standby Letter of Credit Facility

RCBC can issue an undertaking to provide your contracts with a guarantee of payment for a loan or a performance of an obligation.


Bank Guarantee

Secure a commitment from the bank that binds itself to pay a sum of money in an event of non-performance of a contract by a third party.



Long-Term Non-Revolving Facilities

Get non-revolving facilities that perpetuate beyond a year from date of final payment.