There's an investment that matches your capacity, personality, and goals.
RCBC Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) are highly affordable investments that pool your money with other investors who share similar goals, financial resources and risk preferences.


  • Higher yield potential

    Historically, average returns from the RCBC UITFs have performed better and favorably over traditional deposit and investment products.

  • Access to high-yielding investments

    The pooling feature of the RCBC UITFs allows the fund managers to negotiate for higher rates, better prices, lower transaction costs for the Fund due to the size of its investments.

  • Diversification

    Through any of the RCBC UITFs, you get to participate in all the investments of the Fund, thereby spreading out the risk involved over a wider range of investment outlets.

  • Affordability

    You can invest for as low as
    PHP 5,000 for peso investments or USD 200 for dollar investments.

  • Accessibility

    You may invest in the RCBC UITFs online through RCBC Digital website or through any of the RCBC business centers strategically located nationwide. You may check the list of our Certified UITF Sales Personnel here.

  • Convenience

    The RCBC UITFs may be redeemed daily during banking hours up to 11:00 AM. Some of our UITFs do not have minimum holding period.

How to invest in UITFs online

  • Step 1. Log in to with your account and click ‘Invest in UITF'. Not an RCBC accountholder? Enroll here.

  • Step 2. Choose whether you wish to open a new UITF account or enroll existing UITF Account.

  • Step 3. Read and understand the terms and conditions; confirm client information then click ‘Submit’.

  • Step 4.

    For new clients Accomplish the Customer Suitability Assessment (CSA) and select preferred RCBC UITF.

    For existing clients Confirm your CSA result and select preferred RCBC UITF then click 'Submit'.

  • Step 5. System will notify you that the account enrollment was successful. To start investing, you will automatically be re-directed to the 'Add Investment' page.


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