What is Hexagon Club Priority?

Especially reserved for highly valued customers, RCBC Hexagon Club Priority is a priority banking program from an award-winning bank, where our main goal is to always secure your financial future through personalized service and expert and tailored advice, all while providing you with exclusive perks and privileges.



How can I be a member?

Simply open any RCBC Checking or Savings account
and maintain the required deposit of at least Php 1 Million.

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How we work with you

Priority and Personalized Service

As a member, you will be provided with personalized service and timely and relevant advice exclusively tailored to your needs.

    • Dedicated Branch Relationship Manager 
    • A team of Experts
    • Priority Queuing
    • Priority Phone Line

Comprehensive Financial Solutions

Not everyone marches to the same beat, and our range of financial solutions reflect that.

    • Free Life Insurance Coverage
    • Preferential Rates on Time Deposit and Forex
    • Special Rates and Perks on Loans
    • Access to Wealth Management Services
    • Free Market Updates
    • First Crack on Investment Options

Premier Perks and Privileges

Live the life you deserve with these exclusive products and services only accorded to the elite few.

  • RCBC Hexagon Club Priority Mastercard Debit
    • Unlimited Free Withdrawals at any Bancnet ATM
    • Free Card Insurance
    • Free 1x International Withdrawal per Year
    • Free-for-Life RCBC Hexagon Club Credit Card

The Priority Lifestyle

Enjoy these extras that set you apart as a Hexagon Club Priority member.

    • Access to Exclusive Promos and Events
    • Waived Bank Fees
      • Free 1x Checkbook per Year
      • Free 1x Manager’s Check per Year
      • Free 1x Demand Draft per Year
      • Free 1x Bank Certificate per Year
      • Free 5x Bank Statements per Year

Hexagon Club's Benefits Calculator

Get an idea on how much more rewards you can enjoy as a Hexagon Club member based on your deposit.

Enter the amount of your Peso Deposit here
FREE Life Insurance Coverage

Php 4,500,000

Peso Time Deposit

  • Regular Rate
  • Hexagon Club Rate

USD Time Deposit

  • Regular Rate
  • Hexagon Club Rate

  • 5.90 %

    Regular Rate
  • 5.22 %

    Hexagon Club Rate
  • Php 21,151.00

    Monthly Payment
  • Php 2,000.00

    FREE Gas Voucher

Auto Loan

Selling Price
Loan Term
Total Loan Amount
  • 6.38 %

    Regular Rate
  • 5.88 %

    Hexagon Club Rate
  • Php 68,992.95

    Monthly Payment
  • Php 3,500

    WAIVED Appraisal Fee

Home Loan

Selling Price
Fixing Option
Loan Term
Total Loan Amount
  • 1.30 %

    Regular Rate
  • 0.99 %

    Hexagon Club Rate
  • Php 8,983.33

    Monthly Payment
  • Php 3,000.00

    WAIVED Processing Fee

Personal Loan

Loan Amount
Loan Period


  • Php 55.87

    Regular Rate
  • Php 55.97

    Hexagon Club Rate

Sell USD

  • Php 56.37

    Regular Rate
  • Php 56.27

    Hexagon Club Rate


*Amount of deposit which will serve as basis for client's Hexagon Club benefits refers to total Peso Savings and/or Checking Account/s. Rates and amounts quoted are indicative only. Number of days used in the computation may vary. The rates used in this calculator are subject to change without notice. Tax rates applied in the Time Deposit calculators are 20% for Peso and 15% for Dollar. 5-year + 1-day Peso Time Deposit for Individuals is tax-free. Amount of life insurance coverage may also vary depending on client's existing deposit product holdings and eligibility requirements.


Enroll in Hexagon Club Priority today.

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Important Notes

*Free life insurance coverage and free atm card insurance benefits are subject to terms and conditions. ATM card insurance only covers Hexagon Club Privilege Debit Mastercard.
**Issuance of RCBC Bankard Hexagon Club Platinum Mastercard Credit Card is subject to RCBC Bankard's approval and processing time. 
^No withdrawal fee in any Bancnet ATM can only be availed with Hexagon Club Privilege Debit Mastercard.
^^Higher rates on time deposit will only apply to placements of at least Php 100,000 or USD 5,000 and will depend on member's CASA-ADB.
+Special rates on Forex will only apply to US Dollar transactions and will vary depending on member's CASA-ADB.
++Lower rates on loans, free gas voucher on auto loan, waived appraisal fee on home loan, and waived processing fee on personal loan will vary depending on member's CASA-ADB and will be accorded upon loan availment.