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Swipe when you shop without overspending. Enjoy cashless shopping, enhanced security, exclusive perks & discounts and worldwide acceptance.

Enjoy these benefits with your RCBC MyWallet

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    24/7 Convenience

    Withdraw cash at any RCBC, Bancnet or Visa ATMs here and abroad. Manage your RCBC MyWallet through RCBC Digital.

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    Enhanced Security

    Receive security alerts to avoid unauthorized transactions. Your account is protected through the Lock and Unlock Feature on RCBC Digital.

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    Worldwide Acceptance

    Access a wide variety of deals and offers from Visa. RCBC MyWallet is accepted in over 44 million Visa merchants around the world.

Get your RCBC MyWallet Visa today!

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the RCBC MyWallet Visa card?

    The RCBC MyWallet Visa card is a reloadable multi-purpose prepaid stored value card which offers the flexibility of managing your day-to-day financial transactions with the added convenience of access to the worldwide Visa network. With this prepaid stored value card, you spend only what you have loaded in the card, thus, preventing you from overspending! You can also use your RCBC MyWallet Visa card to settle bills (i.e., Meralco, Globe/ Smart, credit cards, etc.) via cashless payments and may still perform usual transactions like an ATM card does.

  • Where can we load the RCBC MyWallet Visa

    RCBC & RCBC Savings Bank branches, Select LBC branches, Merchants where ECPay is accepted, including 7-Eleven stores

  • How does my RCBC MyWallet Visa card work?

    Because it is a prepaid card, spending is limited to the amount of money you load in the card, thus, preventing you from overspending. Plus, because it carries the Visa logo, you can use it anywhere Visa cards are accepted worldwide. Each time you use your card, the purchase amount is automatically deducted from your RCBC MyWallet Visa card balance.

  • Where can I use my RCBC MyWallet Visa card?

    Your RCBC MyWallet Visa card is accepted at over 70,000 Visa-accredited merchants and over 18,000 BancNet POS merchants in the Philippines. You can also transact at over 29 million Visa merchants and 1.4 million ATM locations worldwide. If you don't see the logos, just ask "Do you accept Visa or BancNet cards?

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