Malayan Insurance is one of the leading non-life insurance companies in the Philippines that insures your travels, motors, homes, personal accident and more.



Vital Cover
  • COVID-19 Cash Assistance Benefit - A cash benefit which shall be granted to beneficiaries on death of an insured individual caused by COVID-19.
  • Dengue - Chikungunya Cash Assistance Benefit - Up to Php150,000.00 lump sum cash due to loss of life/death due to Dengue Fever or Chikungunya.
  • Medical Reimbursement (Accidental Injuries) - Reimburse up to Php37,500.00 for expenses incurred due to medical treatment caused by an accident anywhere in the world.
  • Daily Hospital Income Benefit (due to Covid-19) - Medical cash assistance of Php1,250/day for hospital admission due to COVID-19 infection.
  • Accidental Death - Up to Php300,000.00 lump sum payment to beneficiaries in the event of untimely death.
  • MediMate 24/7 - Access to free and unlimited teleconsultation and various emergency assistance anytime.
Travel Master
  • Extensive Personal Accident Insurance - Extends your protection against murder, unprovoked assault, and terrorism.
  • Coronavirus-19 Coverage - Let's you enjoy your destination by being covered from unexpected COVID-19 exposure during and after your trip.
  • Recovery of Travel Expenses - Covers your unused travel and non-refundable lodging expenses in case your trip needs to be cut than planned.
  • Emergency Medical Treatment - Provides you with coverage for medical treatment due to accidents and non-pre existing illness. Inclusive of your follow up care as well as your daily incidental expenses arising from hospital admission.
  • Personal Liability - Protects you from liability from accidentally hurting or damaging others or their property.
  • Travel Inconvenience Benefits - Sometimes, traveling can be quite a hassle. Travel Master includes coverage on: Loss of Visa and Passport, Loss and Damage to Baggage, Baggage delay, Loss of Cash, Damage to Laptop, Flight Delay.
  • Travel Assistance Benefits - In partnership with Assist America, Travel Master offers 24-hour
    worldwide emergency travel support that has: Medically-supervised Repatriation, Hospital Admission Guarantee, Emergency Evacuation, Compassionate Visit, Return of Mortal Remains, Care for Unattended Minors.
  • Value-Added Benefits - Free insurance coverage for damages to rented cars, as well as medical treatment and assistance services for accidents caused by sports activities.
Home Protect

Basic Allied Perils Covered - Fire, Lightning

Other Allied Perils Covered - Earthquake, Typhoon, Flood, Smoke, falling aircraft, vehicle impact and explosion, Riots, strikes and malicious damage.

Property-Related Extension -  Alternative Accommodation, Personal Liability Insurance, Architect & Surveyor's Fees, Replacement of Locks and Keys, Accidental Breakage of Fixed Glass.

Family Accident and Hospitalization Insurance - Accidental Death, Disablement and/or, Dismemberment (AD&D), Medical Reimbursement, Burial Expense Benefit, Hospital Cash Allowance, ICU Benefit, Surgical Benefit.

Household Employee Insurance - Hospital Cash Allowance, Personal Accident, Personal Belongings.

Valuable Items Protection - Provides protection for your personal possessions or declared valuable items such as works of art, antiques, in the event they are damaged by a covered peril (such as fire).

  • Automobile Loss and Own Damage - Safeguard your car-related expenses if it gets damaged or lost. AutoMaster lets you get back on the road quickly.
  • Third Party Liability - Driving is a big responsibility; you always risk injuring or damaging others' property. AutoMaster shoulders these risks to keep you on the move.
  • Auto Personal Accident - Defend yourself from car accident expenses. AutoMaster provides accident and medical coverage for the driver and passengers arising from road mishaps.
  • Riots, Strikes & Civil Commotion Coverage - Prevent social unrest and lawless elements from damaging your vehicle. Damages caused by riots, strikes, or malicious acts by third parties will be covered by AutoMaster.
  • Optional Valuable Accessories Protection - Automaster can be expanded to include additional features such as a bullbar, car sound system, spoilers, and customized magwheels. To extend your protection, all you have to do is declare the values.
  • Acts of Nature - Protect your vehicle from nature's wrath. AutoMaster protects your vehicle from damage caused by typhoon, flood, hurricane, volcanic eruption, earthquake or other natural disasters.
  • Car Accessories Protection - We protect your vehicle's standard accessories like mags, audio and components, and air conditioning.
  • Loss of use - Prepare for our car insurance's extra-mile benefit. While your car is being repaired, you can get up to Php 500.00 reimbursable transportation allowance per day for up to 15 days.
  • Accredited repair shop - Accessibility of repair shops is a must to keep you on the lead.
    That's why we have over 160 accredited repair shops all over the country.