Auto Loan FlexiLite is a 0% downpayment auto loan variant wherein 20% or 30% (residual value) of the total amount financed is paid at the end of the loan term or amortized up to three (3) year term extension.


1. Target Market Eligibility

  • All Hexagon Club Members

2. Loan Terms

2.1. Loan purpose must be purchase of brand new private and personal vehicles only.

Note: All brands and units except trucks & big bikes

2.2. Minimum loan amount must be Php 500,000, Maximum of Php3,000,000 loan amount.

2.3. Maximum of 2 units only, and loan amount for the two units shall not be more than Php5.0M.

2.4. Zero (0%) Downpayment. 

2.5. Loan term is either 36 or 60 months.

2.6. Residual value (20%- 30% of the loan amount) can be paid in lump sum or can be amortized for minimum of 12 months to maximum 36 months. 

2.7. Dealer-provided discount on units, if any, shall be applied to unit suggested retail price (SRP).


General Provisions;

  1. New-to-Bank or Newly enrolled Hexagon Club Members  are eligible to qualify as long as the 10% equivalent of the loan amount or Php100,000 whichever is higher will be subject to Deposit Hold-out for 1-yr, and Hexagon ADB should be Php100,000.
  2. This Program is not valid in conjunction with other promotions carried out by RCBC.
  3. Qualified clients authorize RCBC to disclose and publish their names, photos and other particulars as determined by RCBC to any person/s and in any mode or manner, as RCBC may deem appropriate in relation to this Promo. RCBC shall not be liable for violation of customer data privacy and/or bank secrecy law as a result of said disclosure or publication.


Terms and conditions apply.


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