As a highly valued RCBC Credit Card holder, we welcome you to RCBC's exclusive loyalty program - Hexagon Club Lite!  


Tailored for premium clients like you, it offers access to exclusive bank perks and privileges such as: 

1. Dedicated Business Relationship Manager

2. Special Rates and Perks on Auto, Home and Personal Loan 

3. Access to Exclusive Events, Promos and Gifts


To enjoy more benefits, including a Welcome Gift of up to Php10,000, enroll in Hexagon Club Privilege or Hexagon Club Priority by opening an RCBC deposit account.





Here’s how:







              Promo runs until Sept. 30, 2024 Per DTI Fair Trade No. FTEB-190195 Series of 2024


1. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation ("RCBC") will run the Hexagon Club Hexagon Club Welcome Gift Promo ("Promo") from April 24  to September 30, 2024  ("Promo Period").

2. This Promo is open to identified RCBC Credit Card holders (“Eligible Clients”):

    1. Whose accounts are active and in good credit standing;
    2. Have valid and updated customer information in RCBC’s database; and
    3. Who will receive an SMS, Viber, and/or email notification regarding the Promo and their unique Promo Code

3. All Eligible Clients will qualify for the Promo when the following criteria are met (“Qualified Client”):

    1. They register for the Promo online via <www.rcbc.com/HC-Welcome-Gift>
    2. They open an RCBC Peso Savings or Checking Account with at least Php 100,000 / Php 1,000,000 Fresh Funds in initial deposit;
    3. They enroll in Hexagon Club Privilege / Priority; and
    4. They have applied their Promo Code during account opening:
      1. If the Eligible Client opts to apply via branch, the client should present their Promo Code during their account opening.
      2. If the Eligible Client opts to apply online via RCBC Digital Online Account Opening platform, the client should enter their Promo Code on the RM NAME field.  

4. “Fresh Funds” means funds deposited in RCBC, which, in RCBC’s sole determination, meets all of the following criteria:  

    1. Comprised of (i) funds from checks drawn on banks and financial institution other than RCBC and which are deposited in RCBC and are paid by the drawee within the Promo Period; and/or (ii) any other funds that are not already deposited in or are in the possession of RCBC at any point during the Promo Period;
    2. Did not originate from a withdrawal and re-deposit of funds in RCBC, or a rollover of any time deposit placement,  during the Promo Period for sole purpose of qualifying (or re-qualifying) for the Promo; and
    3. Results in an increase of total deposit balances in RCBC.

5. Upon validation of RCBC, Qualified Clients will be awarded either of the following (“Promo Reward”) as indicated by Qualified Client in the Promo’s online registration page:

    1. Credit Card Points
    2. Cash Rewards
    3. Giftaway Electronic Gift Certificates (eGC)

6. The amount of Promo Reward will vary depending on the Qualified Client’s Hexagon Club Membership Type and initial deposit:


7. Promo Reward to be awarded to the Qualified Client  will be based on the details provided during registration, and no changes will be allowed thereafter. 

8. For Qualified Clients who chose Credit Card Points:

    1. Promo Reward will be credited to the Qualified Client’s active RCBC Credit Card the following month from Hexagon Club enrollment date
    2. In cases where the Qualified Client has more than one (1) active RCBC Credit Card, Promo Reward will be credited to the account with the highest credit limit

9. For Qualified Clients who chose Cash Rewards:

    1. Promo Reward will be credited to their newly opened RCBC Savings/Checking Account the following month from their Hexagon Club enrollment date

10. For Qualified Clients who chose Giftaway eGCs:

    1. Promo Reward will be sent to their registered mobile number and/or email address the following month from their Hexagon Club enrollment date

11. RCBC reserves the right to withhold the awarding of Promo Reward if by the time of awarding:

    1. Their account's current balance is below the required initial deposit of the Promo; or
    2. Their account has been closed

12. All clients must ensure that RCBC and/or RCBC Credit Card  has his/her updated mobile number and  email address on file.

13. Qualified Client shall receive an email and/or SMS notification from RCBC once their Promo Reward has been successfully credited/awarded.

14. A client can only avail of this Promo once.

15. Standard procedures and policies governing the opening of an RCBC Savings/Checking Account will still apply. 

16. All newly opened accounts are still subject to RCBC's policies and procedures and terms and conditions governing deposit accounts. Hexagon Club terms and conditions will also apply.

17. Terms and conditions governing the use of Giftaway eGCs will apply.

18. This Promo is not valid in conjunction with other promotions carried out by RCBC.

19. RCBC, its subsidiaries, affiliates, the advertising agencies and print suppliers, including their respective Board of Directors and Advisory Board Members, officers, and employees, are not qualified for this Promo

20. In case of dispute, the decision of RCBC on all matters relating to the Promo, with the concurrence of DTI, shall be final and binding.

Promo runs until Sept. 30, 2024 Per DTI Fair Trade No. FTEB-190195 Series of 2024

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