Promo Period

The RCBC Mother’s Day & Father’s Day 2024 promotion (the Promo) is open to new and existing depositors who will apply for and avail of the RCBC Auto and Home Loans from May 1 to June 30, 2024 (the ”Promo Period”).

Applications must be submitted within the Promo Period, even if subsequently approved and availed of thereafter but in no case later than September 30, 2024 (the “Availment Period”).



Open to all New-to-bank and New-to-Hexagon Privilege Depositors.


Auto Loans

  1. Loan purpose must be for the purchase of brand new private and personal vehicles only.
  2. The promo offer is applicable to regular Auto Loan and Auto Loan Plus only.
  3. The promo has a minimum loan amount of Php500,000.
  4. The required down payment for a unit shall be as low as twenty percent (20%) of the unit suggested retail price (SRP), as quoted by the dealer.
  5. For the applicable special add-on interest rates consult your branch manager.
  6. Free 1-yr worth of car insurance for 36 – 60 mos loan term only.
  7. Qualified customers shall be entitled to a Free Chattel Mortgage but doc stamp fees shall be shouldered by the customer.
  8. Free Php3,000 gas allowance for New and Existing depositor who applied during the promo period. 

        Note: If the client is Hexagon member, the terms and conditions on gas voucher is applicable.


Home Loans

  1. Minimum loan amount shall be Php1,000,000.
  2. The promo is applicable to Regular Home Loan or Home Loan Plus for acquisition or construction.
  3. For the applicable interest rates consult your branch manager.
  4. Qualified customers is entitled of a Free appraisal fee of up to Php5,000 (one-time).
  5. Qualified customers will be entitled to waived bank fees of up Php50,000 on bank charges.

      Note: P5,000 fee waiver for every Php1M loan amount

Loan Amount

Fee Waiver Amount







6. Minimum loan term of 5 years, subject to lock-in period of 60mos from date of booking.

7. During the lock-in period, the client:

    • Shall not partially pay/ pre-terminate/full pay the loan
    • Shall not request for amendment of the originally approved interest rate, rate fixing and term
    • In case of the violation of any of the above conditions, regardless of timing in relation to the term of the loan, the client will be asked to pay the bank the total waived fees and interest differential between the board rate at the time of the loan release and promo rate
    • In case of house construction, the first tranche of proceeds should be released on or before availment/booking period to avail of the waived fees and special interest rate offer
  1. The client/s cannot availed the promo rates if the loan account is with developer broker incentive.
  2. Promo is non-transferable.


General Provisions

  1. All loan applications qualified under the Promo shall be processed under the standard evaluation and approval process of RCBC, subject to relevant terms and conditions as well as RCBC’s policies and procedures.
  2. RCBC, its subsidiaries, affiliates, the advertising agencies and print suppliers, including their respective Board of Directors and Advisory Board Members, officers, and employees, and their relatives up to second (2nd) degree of consanguinity and affinity are not qualified for this Promo.
  3. This Promo is not valid in conjunction with other promotions carried out by RCBC.
  4. Qualified clients authorize RCBC to disclose and publish their names, photos and other particulars as determined by RCBC to any person/s and in any mode or manner, as RCBC may deem appropriate in relation to this Promo. RCBC shall not be liable for violation of customer data privacy and/or bank secrecy law as a result of said disclosure or publication.

Terms and conditions apply.


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