1. How much is the investment that the merchant need to pay in order to avail the ATM Go?

NO INVESTMENT requirement. RCBC will deploy the ATM Go device for FREE.

  1. What are the requirements to avail the ATM Go?
  1. DTI
  2. Mayor’s Permit OR Business Permit
  3. Valid IDs
  4. RCBC Settlement Account (Savings OR Current Account)
  1. Business Permit
  2. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
  3. SEC Registration
  4. BIR Form 2303
  5. Valid IDs of the Signatories
  6. RCBC Settlement Account (Savings OR Current Account)
  7. General Information Sheet – GIS (for Corporations)
  8. Certificate of Registration – CDA (for Cooperatives)
  9. BSP Certificate of Authority (for Rural Banks)
  10. Secretary’s Certificate
  1. Does the merchant need to open an RCBC Account?

Yes. The merchant can open a Savings or Current account in any RCBC Branch of his choice. It will be used as a settlement account where all the withdrawal transactions are to be credited online/real time.

  1. How can a merchant apply for the RCBC ATM Go?
Step 1: Submit all the documentary requirement for partner due diligence
Step 2:  

Option 1: Go to the nearest RCBC Branch to open a settlement account.

Option 2: Online account opening via RCBC website if the RCBC Branch is not accessible.

Step 3:  Wait for the delivery of the ATM Go terminal

Note: Training on how to operate the ATM Go terminal will be conducted after the delivery of the unit.

  1. What are the services available in RCBC ATM Go?

All the transactions that can be done in a regular Automated Teller Machines (ATM) are available in ATM Go. RCBC and other Bank's customers can do the following transactions using their Bancnet issued ATM cards.

    1. Cash out / Withdrawal
    2. Balance Inquiry
    3. Bills payment
    4. Intra-Bank and Inter-Bank Funds Transfer
    5. Mobile Phone E-Load
    6. PIN Change (RCBC Cardholders Only)
    7. Cardless Withdrawal (RCBC and Diskartech Accountholders Only)
  1. What are the acceptable ATM cards?

Customers can use any pre-paid and debit ATM cards issued by any local BANCNET member Banks and Electronic Money Issuers (i.e GCash).

  1. How can a merchant generate an income from the ATM Go transactions?

A merchant can earn from the convenience fee that will be collected from the customers. Potential income of Php10,000.00 per month or more can be generated by offering the ATM Go services.