Available ATM Go Services:

  • Cash-in
  • Withdrawal (Carded and Cardless)
  • Bills Payment
  • Fund Transfer
  • Eload
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Pin change (RCBC cardholder’s only)


  1. How much can I cash in to my account?
    ATM Go follows your issuing bank’s cash-in limits.


  1. How much can I withdraw from ATM Go?
    Withdrawal will be dependent on the capacity of the merchant. A maximum limit of PHP10,000.00 per transaction applies and is dependent on your account’s daily limit with RCBC or with your issuing bank RCBC Pulz and Diskartech mobile app users can withdraw from PHP100.00 to PHP10,000.00 at a time with a maximum limit of PHP50,000.00 per day
  2. What cards can I use to withdraw?
    ATM Go caters to all Philippine-issued debit and prepaid cards.
    *Subject to additional fees charged by your issuing bank
  3. What other withdrawal options are available?
    ATM Go also has a Cardless withdrawal option via Reference Number and QR Cash-out
    1. Who can withdraw using the Cardless Withdrawal features of ATM Go?
      Anyone with an RCBC Pulz or Diskartech mobile app can cashout via reference number or QRwhen they visit their nearest ATM Go merchant. Their RCBC or Diskartech account will automatically be deducted upon cardless withdrawal redemption.
    2. How long will my Cardless Withdrawal Code last?
      Depending on the channel the Cardless Withdrawal Code was generated from, the validity will be based on the following:
      • Generated from RCBC Pulz - 30 Minutes
      • Generated from Diskartech - 15 Minutes

        Your withdrawal will automatically be deducted upon QR code scanning.
    3. Where can I do Cardless withdrawal transactions?
      All ATM Go merchants can facilitate cardless withdrawal transactions.

Balance Inquiry
Balance Inquiry is available for all Philippine-issued debit and prepaid cards
*Subject to additional fees charged by your issuing bank

Pin Change
Pin change is available for all RCBC-issued debit cards.