Change in benchmarks of RCBC Dollar UITFs

Please be informed that effective May 3, 2021, the following RCBC UITFs will shift to their new benchmarks, due to the cessation of the publishing of the previous benchmark – LIBOR rates.

Fund Name Old Benchmark New Benchmark
Rizal Dollar Money Market Fund Average 3-month LIBOR Average 3-month US Treasury Bill
Rizal Dollar Bond Fund 50% JP Morgan Asia Credit Index (JACI) Phils Total Return and 50% Average 1 year LIBOR 80% JP Morgan Asia Credit
Index Total Return and 20%
Average 3-month U.S.
Treasury Bill


All other terms and conditions in the Declaration of Trust (DOT) of the RCBC UITFs not affected by the foregoing amendments shall remain in full force and in effect.

To request a copy of the revised Plan Rules and for clarifications and questions, please feel free to email us at