Hexagon Club is a premier membership club for account holders where members enjoy premium banking service and exclusive benefits.
To enjoy the perks and privileges of this membership, clients must maintain the required average daily balance (ADB):

  • Hexagon Club Privilege : P100,000
  • Hexagon Club Prestige : P500,000

Members who do not meet these requirements will forfeit their  membership if the required total Peso Checking/Savings balance is not met by December 31, 2023. Affected clients were notified via SMS/email for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are clients for delisting determined?
Hexagon Club members for delisting are clients whose total Peso CASA ADB is below the required ADB of their membership for the past 12 consecutive months:

  • Hexagon Club Privilege/Priority (Personal) - Total Peso CASA falls below Php100,000.00
  • Hexagon Club Prestige (Corporate) - Total Peso CASA falls below Php500,000.00

2. How will I know if my Hexagon Club membership status is for delisting?
You will receive a notification via SMS or email 60 days prior to the delisting.

3. If I were able to meet the required ADB of my Hexagon Club membership prior the delisting, what will happen?
Your Hexagon Club membership will be retained.

4. How will I know that my Hexagon Club membership has been revoked?
You will receive a notification via SMS or email once you have been delisted from the Hexagon Club program.

5. Can a delisted member re-enroll in Hexagon Club?
Yes, you may enroll after 6 months and 1 day from your delisting date, and subject to meeting the required ADB of your selected Hexagon Club membership.

6. What if I have a time deposit  placement that will mature after the delistment has taken effect, will the time deposit rate be converted to the regular rate?
No, the preferential rate for Hexagon Club members that was set during the Time Deposit placement prior to the date of the delisting will still hold. Future and rollover placements will follow the prevailing regular rate.

7. What will happen to my Hexagon Club debit card after the delistment?
Your Hexagon Club debit card will still be active but you are advised to visit any RCBC branch to have it replaced with a MyDebit Debit Card for free.

8. What will happen to my Hexagon Club Credit Card after the delistment?
Clients who were issued the following credit cards will have their card replaced for free:

  • If you were issued a RCBC Hexagon Club Platinum Mastercard Credit Card, this will be replaced by a RCBC Black Card Platinum Mastercard Credit Card
  • If you were issued a RCBC Hexagon Club Priority World Mastercard Credit Card, this will be replaced by a RCBC World Mastercard Credit Card

Your replacement card will be delivered to the registered delivery address of the customer within 30 days from the date of delisting. All outstanding transactions in your RCBC Hexagon Club Credit Card will be transferred to your replacement card.

9. What will happen to my pending Hexagon Club Credit Card application after the delistment?
For those whose Hexagon Club Credit Card is still in process, you will receive the appropriate Credit Card variant once approved.

10. What will happen to our Hexagon Club Prestige Show Card once delisted?
Your Hexagon Club Prestige card will be recalled upon your visit to any RCBC Branch

11. What will happen to my Hexagon Club vouchers?
You will no longer be able to avail of the vouchers once you are delisted.