This is just a reminder to all existing Hexagon Club members to kindly maintain the required total average daily balance(ADB) of P100,000 (for Privilege/Priority) or Php500,000 (for Prestige) to continue enjoying their Hexagon Club membership benefits, such as but not limited to:

1. Waived Interbranch Peso Cash OTC Withdrawal Fee (Php100)*
2. Waived Interregional Cash OTC Withdrawal Fee (Php100)*
3. Waived Interregional Cash OTC Deposit Fee (Php100)*
4. Waived Interbranch Peso Check Encashment Fee (Php100)*
5. Waived Interregional Peso Check Encashment Fee (Php100)*
6. Waived Interbranch USD Cash OTC Withdrawal Fee (Php100)*
7. Waived Interregional USD Cash OTC Withdrawal Fee (Php100)*
8. Free Life Insurance Coverage
9. Preferential Rates on Time Deposit, Loans, and Forex
10. Free Gas Allowance on Auto Loan, Waived Appraisal Fee on Home Loan, and Waived Processing Fee on Personal Loan.

*Collection of interbranch and interregional fees for Hexagon Club members who are not maintaining the required ADB will start on 02 January 2023.

As stipulated in Hexagon Club’s Terms and Conditions:

“An individual/corporate member must maintain a total average daily balance (ADB) of at least P100,000/P500,000 in his/her/its RCBC savings and checking account/s in order to keep his/her/its Hexagon Club membership; and.

On a periodic basis, RCBC may perform review of the account to ensure ADB is still within standards to qualify for the membership to the Hexagon Club. Corresponding charges may be imposed to the account subject to pertinent laws and regulations.”

For your guidance.

Thank you.