• What is the IMA Online Facility?

    The IMA Online Facility ("IMA Online") is a new module in RCBC Online Banking – Retail launched by Trust and Investments Group on October 13, 2021. It is the first-in-market digital investment management facility that will enable the client to create and manage their own Investment Management Account/s (IMA) online. IMA Online is a platform/channel which enables ROR client to: (1) Apply for an IMA. (2) Order initial and/or additional investments. (3) Monitor/view IMA applications and investments through the dashboard.

  • Who can apply or open an IMA?

    Any client enrolled in RCBC Online Banking - Retail may apply for and open an IMA online using an Individual or Joint “OR” (JOR) Account as Settlement Account.

  • What/Whose - name/s will appear on my IMA?

    The IMA Name will be the same as your Settlement Account Name. If the Settlement Account is an Individual Account, then the IMA Name will be the Settlement Account Name. If the Settlement Account is a JOR Account, then the names of all JOR account holders will be the IMA Name.

  • What forms do I need to accomplish?

    IMA Online will generate all the necessary documents needed to support the application for an IMA. The client will be guided through the stages of the application process and will be prompted to input the required information and responses to questions: (1) Acknowledgement of Terms & Conditions (of use of IMA Online Facility). (2) Client Information Confirmation (Selection of Settlement Account / Confirmation of Client Information (confirm that it is updated) / Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) (3) Client Suitability Assessment & Risk Profile (4) Acknowledgement of (General) Risk Disclosure Statement (5) Acceptance and acknowledgement of Investment Management Account Agreement

  • Does my application go through an approval process?

    Application for an Individual IMA will be automatically processed and approved online upon successful submission of One-Time-Password (OTP) and the client will be advised that he/she can proceed to making his/her initial investment. Application for a JOR IMA will also be processed and approved online, provided the JOR-co-account holder/s has/have given first his/her/their consent to open the JOR IMA by way of an email reply duly received by the IMA Online system. Only when the consent of all JOR co-account holder/s is/are received that the JOR-IMA principal account holder be allowed to make an initial investment order transaction in the IMA Online.

  • Will the JOR co-account holder/s need to give his/her/their consent when the principal account holder makes an investment order transaction or performs other actions in IMA Online?

    By giving his/her consent to the opening of an IMA, the JOR co-account holder/s empowers the JOR principal account holder to perform investment activities.

  • When can the client start ordering an investment?

    The client may start investing when he/she has an approved application and when there are investment outlets on offer. After the client submits an investment order, RCBC Trust will further process the order. An email notification will be sent to the client once the final allocation amount and other pertinent details are available.

  • What are the investment outlets/opportunities available?

    In its pilot implementation, clients will be able to invest in Peso-denominated primary issuances for government securities and bonds. Other investment outlets will be made available online in subsequent roll-outs.

  • If the client decides to sell his/her investment, can this be done via the IMA Online?

    In its pilot implementation, sale of investment asset/s will have to be done off-line. Client must email RCBC Trust at imaonline@rcbc.com and provide clear instructions on which asset will be sold. Instructions received will be duly acknowledged and confirmed by RCBC Trust via email.

  • Can a client call RCBC Trust or speak to a Trust Officer?

    At any time, the client may click on “Contact RCBC Trust” to set a date and time for a Trust Officer to give him/her a call. The client may enter the purpose of the call such as clarification on the investment outlet being offered, selling an outstanding investment, among others. The client may also send an email to IMA Online Team at imaonline@rcbc.com Or the client may also opt to call or send an email to RCBC Customer Care at: Hotline : +63 2 8877-RCBC (8877-7222) Toll free : 1-800-10000-7222 (Domestic) : +800-8888-7222 (International) E-mail : customercare@rcbc.com