Transparency/Commitment to Disclose Material Information

  1. The Board shall commit at all times to fully disclose material information dealings. It shall cause the timely filling of all required information for the interest of its shareholders and other stakeholders. The reports or disclosures required under this Manual shall be prepared and submitted to the SEC and Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) by the responsible committe or officer through the Bank's Compliance Officer. Material Information emanating from the Board of Directors shall be disclosed and the responsibility of the Corporate Information Officer (CIO). The CIO shall be responsible for efficiency providing information and addressing concerns of its shareholders and other stakeholders through the Bank webpage which provides complete information about the Bank in a form that is user-friendly.
  2. Transactions between related parties shall be disclosed to include the nature of the related party relationship as well as information about the transactions and outstanding balances necessary for an understanding of the potential effect of the relationship of the financial statements.
  3. All material information about the Bank, i.e., anything that could adversely affect share price, shall be publicly disclosed. Such information and/or transactions shall include, among others, earnings results, acquisition or disposal of significant assets, related party transactions, board membership changes, shareholdings of directors and officers and any changes thereto, and such material events or information which are required to be disclosed pursuant to the SRC and its Implementing Rules and Regulations.
  4. Other information that shall always be disclosed includes remuneration (including stock options) of all directors and senior management, corporate startegy, and off balance sheet transactions.
  5. All disclosed information shall be released via the approved and established stock exchange procedure for corporate announcements as well as through the annual report.
  6. The governance of the bank shall ba adequately transparent to its shareholders and other stakeholders.
  7. The Bank shall designate authorized signatories and alternates for disclosures. All disclosures or information state or relayed by the authorized signatory shall presumed to have been made with the approval of the Chairman of the board, and principal officers of the Bank. The officers, including the signatories and their alternates, shall be responsible and liable for the truthfulness of the disclosures.

Stockholders' Rights and Protection of Minority Stockholders' Interests

  1. The Board shall respect the rights of the stockholders as provided for in the Corporation Code; namely:
    • Right to vote on all matters that require their consent or approval;
    • Right to inspect the books and records of the Bank;
    • Right to information;
    • Right to dividends; and
    • Appraisal right.
  2. It is the duty of the Board to promote the rights of the stockholders, remove impediments to the exercise of those rights and provide an adequate avenue for them to seek timely redress for breach of their rights. Id.: Any shareholder or group of shareholders with at least five percent (5%) share of the total outstanding shares of the company shall be allowed to propose any relevant item for inclusion in the agenda for the meeting.
  3. Voting Right
    • The Board shall be transparent and fair in the conduct of the annual and special stockholders' meetings of the Bank. The stockholders shall be encouraged to personally attend such meetings.
    • In case the stockholders cannot attend the annual and special stockholders' meetings, they shall be apprised ahead of time of their right to appoint a proxy. Subject to the requirements of the by-laws, the exercise of that right shall not be unduly restricted and any doubt about the validity of a proxy shall be resolved in the stockholders' favor.
    • The Board shall take the appropriate steps to remove excessive costs and other administrative impediments to the stockholders' participation in meetings, whether in person or by proxy. Accurate and timely information shall be made available to the stockholders to enable them to make a sound judgment on all matters brought to their attention for consideration or approval.
    • Stockholders shall have the right to elect, remove and replace directors and vote on certain corporate acts in accordance with the Corporation Code.
    • A director shall not be removed without cause if it shall deny minority stockholders representation in the Board.
  4. Right to Inspection

    All stockholders shall be allowed to inspect corporate books and records including minutes of Board meetings and stock registries in accordance with the Corporation Code and shall be furnished with annual reports, including financial statements, without cost or restrictions.

  5. Right to Information
    • The stockholders shall be provided, upon request, with periodic reports which disclose personal and professional information about the directors and officers and certain other matters such as their holdings of the Bank's shares, dealing with the Bank, relationships among directors and key officers, and the aggregate compensation of directors and officers.
    • The minority stockholders shall be granted the right to propose the holding of a meeting, and the right to propose items in the agenda of the meeting, provided the items are for legitimate business purposes.
    • The minority stockholders shall have access to any and all information relating to matters for which the management is accountable for and to those relating to matters for which the management shall include such information and, if not included, then the minority stockholders shall be allowed to propose to include such matters in the agenda of stockholders' meeting, being within the definition of "legitimate purposes".
  6. Right to Dividends

    The Bank shall declare dividends in accordance with the requirements of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

  7. Appraisal Right

    The stockholders shall have appraisal right or the right to dissent and demand payment of the fair value of their shares in the manner provided for under Section 82 of the Corporation Code of the Philippines, under any of the following circumstances:

    • In case any amendment to the Articles of Incorporation has the effect of changing or restricting the rights of any stockholders or class of shares, or of authorizing preferences in any respect superior to those of outstanding shares of any class, or of extending or shortening the term of corporate existence;
    • In case of sale, lease, exchange, transfer, mortgage, pledge or other disposition of all or substantially all of the corporate property and assets as provided in the Corporation Code; and
    • In case of merger or consolidation.

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