With over 2,500 MLhuillier branches nationwide, you can now pay your RCBC auto loan, home loan, and/or personal loan through their bills payment service.


Click here to see the list of M. Lhuillier branches nationwide.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I go to any M. Lhuillier branches nationwide to remit my RCBC Loans payments?
A: You can go to M. Lhuillier branches only. ML EXPRESS branches are not included in the bills payment arrangement.

Q: What form should I use when I make the payment to ML branches?
A: Use the ML Kwarta Padala (KP) form for Bills Payment which is available at all ML branches.

Q: What are the payment details needed to make the payment?
A: Indicate the following payment details in the ML KP Form for bills payment

a. Company Name: RCBC Consumer Loans
b. Account Name: Name of Borrower
c. Account Number: Loan Account Number
d. Contact No.: Mobile Number / Contact Information
e. Amount: Amount of payment
f. Other Details:

Q: When will the payment be posted or applied to the loan account?
A: All payments made through ML branches will be posted three (3) days after payment is made.

Q: Is check payment acceptable?
A: Only cash payments are acceptable as payment.

Q: If my current payment mode is auto-debit arrangement (ADA) or via post-dated checks (PDC), can I still pay my RCBC Loans via M. Lhuillier branches?

A: Yes, you can. However, if your check or account is funded, the debit will proceed and the payment you made separately through M. Lhuillier branch will be treated as an advance payment.

Q: Who should I contact if I have concerns about my loan payment?
A: You can call 8555-8772 or email loans_customercare@rcbc.com