Pay by RCBC FAQs

As of January 30, 2024

    1. What is Pay by RCBC?
      Pay by RCBC is a payment gateway that allows private companies, government offices and other establishments to easily accept digital payments through online bank transfer that instantly debits their customer's savings account.
    2. How can I contact you?
      For Pay by RCBC related concerns, you may contact us at on weekdays from 9AM to 5PM.
    3. Is it safe to use Pay by RCBC?
      Yes, Pay by RCBC is safe to use. We are regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Furthermore, we authenticate the identity and legitimacy of partners/billers that accept payments to ensure secure digital transactions. This authentication or pre-activation process requires all partners/billers to provide identifying information for verification. The guidelines for this process are outlined by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and are requirements for all FinTech companies operating in the Philippines.
    4. Is Pay by RCBC available 24/7?
      Yes. RCBC Pay's service is active 24 hours a day, full week. However, Pay by RCBC requires bank systems to be online, so please consider the maintenance and other downtime schedules defined by your preferred bank.
    5. Can I pay via Pay by RCBC if I don't have a debit or credit card?
      Yes. This is the main use of Pay by RCBC at the moment. It will let you use your existing savings account to complete online payments instantly. No credit or debit card is required.
    6. Can I pay via Pay by RCBC using other banks/e-wallets?
      Yes. Apart from RCBC and DiskarTech, you may also use your LBP, BDO, Metrobank, BPI and Unionbank accounts. You may also use the QR code for convenience.
    7. Will I be charged fees for the use of Pay by RCBC?
      Yes. Applicable fees may include convenience fee and Instapay fund transfer fee.
    8. Where can I check my payment status?
      Customers or payers can monitor through your banks or e-wallet apps. Alternatively, payers should be able to check the payment status on the partner/biller website or any email confirmation sent by the partner/biller that accepted the payment independently.
    9. The funds are debited from my account but I have no updates regarding my payment. What should I do now?
      We suggest for users to contact the customer support of the partner/biller that accepted the payment. You can send the concerned partner/biller the electronic banking statement or email confirmation as proof of payment for assistance. For further assistance, you may also contact
    10. My transaction is declined. What does it mean?
      Transactions that used bank accounts with insufficient funds are automatically declined. But you may retry the payment transfer once it has adequate funds. If this still fails, please contact our support at
    11. How do I cancel a transfer? Can the money be returned to my account?
      Pay by RCBC does not hold the right to process refunds for any purchase made with our partners/billers that accepted the payment. After a successful payment, your money is instantly credited to the partner/biller account and the partner/biller holds the right to grant your refund request. In this situation, please directly contact the customer support of the partner/biller.
    12. How can I send my other questions about payment made?
      For these types of inquiries, we kindly request for you to directly contact the partner/biller that accepted the payment where you made the purchase. Pay by RCBC only acts as a payment intermediary to transfer the funds, but we do not mediate about transaction details like payment amount or any other service offered by the partner/biller that accepted the payment.