Refer your family members and friends for an RCBC Auto Loan, RCBC Home Loan, or RCBC Bankard credit card and earn cash rewards with our

Refer and You Shall Receive Promo!

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Once you've successfully registered, you will get FREE Personal Accident Insurance worth Php500,000.00 for 60 days.

Invite your family members/ friends using the steps and referral code that you will receive through email.

Earn cash rewards for every availed loan or approved credit card.


  1. Refer and You Shall Receive” Promotions (the “Promo”) is a rewards program for active RCBC depositors (the “Referrer”) who will refer to Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (“RCBC”) their family, friends or colleagues (the “Referee”) who are interested in availing of an Auto Loan, Home Loan (referred to as “Loan”) or RCBC Bankard (referred as “Credit Card”).

  2. The Referrer will earn the following Referral Incentive based on the following successfully booked product:

    - The 10% withholding tax for Referral Incentive for Auto Loan and Home Loan shall be shouldered by RCBC.
    - The 10% Withholding Tax for Referral Incentive of RCBC Bankard shall be shouldered by the Referrer.

  3. The Promo runs for the following periods (the Promo Period):
    1. Submission of Loan and Credit Card Application is from December 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021
    2. For Auto Loan, the loan must be approved and booked by July 31, 2021
    3. For Home Loan, the loan must be approved and booked by September 30, 2021
    4. For RCBC Bankard Application, the credit card must be approved by July 31, 2021.

  4. The Promo is open to all existing RCBC depositors whose accounts are in active status.

  5. Eligible RCBC and YGC employees whose deposit accounts are in active status may join the Promo except for employees under:
    1. For Auto Loan and Home Loan – RCBC Branches (Sales and Service), OTG-BSO, Account Officers of CLG, Credit Officers of CMG , Cross-Sell Division, AMRG Asset Sales, Office of the Chairman, and CEO/individual regular members of CreCollComm and Mancomm.
    2. For RCBC Bankard – RCBC Branches (Sales and Service), and CEO/individual regular members of CreCollComm and Mancomm, and all RCBC Bankard employees.

  6. To qualify for the Referral Incentive:
    1. The Referrer shall register to join the Promo via
    2. The Referrer needs to provide his/her First Name, Middle Name, Last Name and RCBC Account Number.
    3. Account Number will be validated by sending an OTP to the registered mobile number of the Referrer
    4. RCBC will send the Referral Code together with the Referrer’s Kit2 to the registered email address of the Referrer.
    5. Referrer should share the unique Referral Code, Loan Application Form/s and RCBC Bankard unique referral link to his/her Referees.
    6. Referees must apply during the promo period by:
      1. For Auto Loan and Home Loan - Submitting the Loan Application Form with Referral Code and requirements via Secured Document Exchange in RCBC website
      2. For RCBC Bankard - Using the unique referral link for Credit Card Application and submission of requirements
    7. The minimum term for Auto Loan shall be 3 years while for Home Loan shall be 5 years.
    8. For RCBC Bankard, the Referees shall be new-to-card1 or former RCBC Bankard cardholder whose credit card was cancelled with at least one year from the time of credit card application.

  7.  The Referrer who successfully registered in the promo will receive a free Personal Accident Insurance from Malayan Insurance Company, Inc. (MICO).
    1. The Free Personal Accident Insurance coverage is Php500,000.00 and valid for 60 days upon receipt by RCBC of the fully-accomplished and signed Free Personal Accident Insurance Form.
    2. The Referrer shall agree by ticking the clause on Consent for Sharing Personal Information to MICO in the Registration Page.
    3. The Referrer shall be 65 years old or below to qualify for the free Personal Accident insurance.
    4. The free Personal Accident insurance is non-transferable.

  8. The Referrer agrees that when sharing his bank-issued Referral Code and unique referral link, he/she will not represent or misrepresent or act on behalf of RCBC. The Referrer shall inform his/her prospects of his/her intention to qualify for the Promo.

  9. The Referrer must refer prospects who will meet the criteria set by RCBC for Auto Loan and Home Loan, and RCBC Bankard for Credit Cards.

  10. The Referees must personally complete the Loan and Credit Card Application and not allow the Referrer or a third party to complete on his/her behalf.

  11. The Referral Incentive will be credited to the nominated active RCBC CA/SA account of the Referrer based on the following schedule:table_2
  12. The lowest depositor tier of the prevailing Consumer Lending Branch Rates shall be used for the Referees availing Auto Loan and Home Loan. For Hexagon Club members availing Auto Loan and Home Loan, the prevailing Hexagon Club rate shall be used.

  13. RCBC may discontinue the granting of the Referral Incentive if Referrer does not comply with the terms and conditions set thereof.

  14. In case of multiple Referrers referring the same person (i.e. Referees) for the same loan product, the Referral Incentive will be given to the Referrer whose loan application and credit card application was first booked and approved by RCBC and RCBC Bankard.

  15. In case of dispute with respect to the Referrer's eligibility, coverage of dates, fulfillment, etc., RCBC’s decision shall prevail. All questions or disputes regarding the Referrer's eligibility for the Promo shall be resolved by RCBC with concurrence of DTI.

  16. These terms and conditions are subject to any relevant law, government direction, and regulation. Fraud, abuse or any unauthorized action relating to the loan application, the participation in the Promo, or the redemption of the Referral Incentive may result in the disqualification of the Referrer from the Promo, without prejudice to some other remedies that RCBC is entitled to under its policies and/or applicable laws.

  17. All Loan and Credit Card Applications qualified under the Promo shall be processed under the standard evaluation and approval process of RCBC and RCBC Bankard, subject to relevant terms and conditions as well as RCBC’s and RCBC Bankard’s policies and procedures.
    1. Loan Applications shall be assigned to the respective Account Officer (AO) by the Department Head, for encoding in Referral Tracking System (RTS) for processing.
    2. Credit Card Applications will be automatically forwarded to RCBC Bankard for processing once submitted using the unique referral link.

  18. The features of this Promo are non-transferrable and cannot be assigned to any third person or entity.

  19. This Promo is not valid in conjunction with other promotions carried out by RCBC.

  20. By making the referral, the Referee warrants that the consent of the person being referred has been obtained thereby authorizing RCBC to disclose and publish their names, photos and other particulars as determined by RCBC to any person/s and in any mode or manner, as RCBC may deem appropriate in relation to this Promo, that is not in any way in violation of customer data privacy and bank secrecy law.

  21. For any inquiries or concerns on the Promo, you may reach the bank through (+632) 8877-7222 and


Per DTI FTEB Permit No. 109148 Series of 2020

1 New-to-card customer is defined as person who has never been issued a RCBC credit card
2 Referral’s Kit is a zipped folder that contains Referral Code, Auto Loan Application Form, Home Loan Application Form, Bankard Unique Referral Link, List of Loan Requirements, Product Catalogue, Contact Person, Program Mechanics and Terms and Conditions.
3 Hexagon Club is RCBC's premier club for accountholders where members enjoy premium banking service and special perks for a total RCBC banking experience.