RCBC ATM Fees starting April 7, 2021

Starting April 7, 2021, RCBC account holders transacting at non-RCBC ATMs will be charged fees set by the banks operating these ATMs.

RCBC account holders may continue to transact at RCBC ATMs free of charge.

Below are the RCBC ATM fees for account holders and what may be charged by the other bank:

Transaction RCBC Customer using RCBC ATMs RCBC Customer using non-RCBC ATMs*
Withdrawals No fee Varies from Php 10.00 to Php 18.00
Balance Inquiry No fee Varies from Php 0.00 to Php 2.00

*Fees will vary per bank.

For non-RCBC clients transacting in RCBC ATMs, the corresponding fees will apply:

Balance Inquiry - PHP 1.00

Cash Withdrawal- PHP 18.00