Making the Most Out of the RCBC Hexagon Club’s Benefits

The RCBC Hexagon Club has exclusive benefits that can help you make the most out of your wealth. Not only will you get access to some of the best financial opportunities that RCBC has to offer, but you also get preferred access to a bank that matches your lifestyle.

Apart from individual banking clients, entrepreneurs or business owners can also benefit from RCBC’s Hexagon Club. The RCBC Hexagon Club can provide business owners with many financial perks that can make running a business easier.

As a part of the RCBC Hexagon Club, your lifestyle, business, and future are in good hands. You’re set for a more financially savvy future.

Curious to know more about the benefits this club has to offer? Keep reading to learn more about what RCBC’s Hexagon Club can give you.

What is RCBC Hexagon Club?

The RCBC Hexagon Club is a program created by RCBC to deliver a premium banking service to its most valued clients. It comes with a range of insurance options, debit, and credit card benefits that give RCBC’s loyal customers high-quality service at a premium price.

RCBC’s Hexagon Club is an award-winning program. It has won several awards in 2022 such as best banking product, best customer loyalty program, and best customer-centric product. These awards are a testament to the work that RCBC puts into this financial product and the service excellence that clients can expect from it.

From saving, investing, and borrowing, RCBC Hexagon Club has got you covered. You can enjoy a customized banking experience that’s made according to your lifestyle and your needs.

What are the Benefits of RCBC Hexagon Club?

The RCBC Hexagon Club is specially designed to give its valued clients a better banking experience. A banking experience that can help them achieve their goals and fund their dreams while providing unparalleled convenience.

Once you’re a part of the RCBC Hexagon Club, you’re entitled to the following benefits:

Ultimate Convenience

Queuing for counters at an RCBC bank is now a thing of the past when you’re part of the RCBC Hexagon Club.

Being a member of the RCBC Hexagon Club guarantees priority queuing and a dedicated branch relationship manager ready to help you with any of your banking needs.

If you’re applying for any loan products, your branch relationship manager can also help streamline this process for you. With a financial expert at your side, you can easily navigate any financial application you have.

Lower Rates

As a valued RCBC Hexagon Club member, you get exclusive access to preferential rates on time deposits, foreign exchange rates, and loans.

Apart from this, you’re also entitled to additional perks on your loans, whether it’s a personal, auto, or home loan. You’ll get the best rates that RCBC has to offer, including higher dollar selling rates.

Each RCBC Hexagon Club member can get a free RCBC Hexagon Club Credit Card and debit card, which allows you to withdraw from any Bancnet ATM at zero cost. Inter-branch counter fees and interregional bank fees are also waived for our valued RCBC Hexagon Club members.

Higher Savings Rates

As an RCBC Hexagon Club Member, you can earn more and save more with the higher interest rate that’s exclusively available to you.

Currently, RCBC offers a 0.665% interest rate for a savings account, but as a Hexagon Club Member, you’re entitled to a 0.775% interest rate on your account. These rates may change at any time, so it’s best to take advantage of these increased rates while you can.

Free Bank Documents

We know that our RCBC Hexagon Club Members are busy, and we want to help you make the most out of your time. Our commitment is to provide you with the documents and tools you need as swiftly as possible to ensure that there are no delays in your plans.

Each RCBC Hexagon Club Member can get the following items for free each year:

  • Checkbook
  • Manager’s check
  • One bank certificate
  • Five bank statements


By providing these services for free, we help you achieve your goals as frictionless as possible.

Exclusive Access

Have you ever missed a promo because you arrived a little too late? Did you miss out on an investment opportunity because you heard about it too late? Then, as part of the RCBC Hexagon Club, you’ll always be the first to know.

As a valued RCBC Hexagon Club member, you get first dibs on any investment opportunity, event, and promo available.

Because you trust us to care for your hard-earned money, we’re committed to putting you first. You’ll always be the first to know about any exclusive promos, partner merchant perks, and investment opportunities that arise.

More Payment Options

With the RCBC Hexagon Club, a myriad of payment options opens up just for you. You can have a worry-free shopping spree where you can extend payments for up to 36 months at 0% installment. You can even convert outstanding balances to an installment plan. So, whether you need more time to restructure your payments or not, RCBC gives you the option to take charge of your finances.

For every card swipe and purchase you make, RCBC also offers you the chance to analyze your credit card transactions. This allows you to take a closer look at what you’ve been spending on and keep a closer eye on your expenses too. Gone are the days when you forget whatever you purchased, with this feature – you’ll always have the tools to help you be more mindful of how you spend your money.

Stress-Free Shopping

As you swipe your RCBC Hexagon Club Platinum Mastercard to your heart’s content, you’re also accumulating more reward points that you can exchange for exclusive RCBC treats. You can even opt to accrue airline miles instead of rewards points if you’d like. Making this card perfect for travel aficionados.

Speaking of traveling, if you’re on a mission to shop while you’re abroad, RCBC Hexagon Club members have the option to have a 0% installment on purchases made abroad. So, you can continue treating yourself while on vacation, knowing that you have the option to pay it back in increments.

RCBC Hexagon Club members shopping abroad are also given a bonus travel limit. The bonus travel limit enables you to shop until you drop and are ready for any unforeseen expenses like emergencies. Of course, along with this perk comes a stringent purchase protection system that’ll filter out any fraudulent transactions.

Now, RCBC also knows how busy you can be, and we want to make sure that you have the tools you need to achieve the lifestyle you want while staying on top of your responsibilities. That’s why RCBC Hexagon Club members are treated to a hassle-free bill payment section on the app. That way, you won’t ever have to worry about paying the bills on time, because you can always do so from the palm of your hand.

Hassle-Free Travelling

Each Hexagon Club member is entitled to a Hexagon Club Platinum Mastercard. This card will open up new airport lounge doors for you. You can spend your time waiting for your flight at a comfortable airport lounge in NAIA terminals 1 and 3.

Aside from local airport lounges, you also get a priority pass membership to over 1300 airport lounges located across the globe. So, no matter which country you are in, you’ll always have the option to wait for your flight in a comfortable lounge.

Of course, when you travel, you want to have peace of mind. This is why the Hexagon Club Platinum Mastercard provides our valued clients with free travel insurance. That way, no matter where you are and whatever happens to you, you and your family are financially protected.

Hexagon Club Platinum Mastercard holders also have 24/7 access to Mastercard’s travel and lifestyle services.

Beyond Finances

Aside from caring for your financial health, we want to do more. We take it a step beyond that by caring for you and your family’s future. This is why each RCBC Hexagon Club member has a free life insurance policy of up to five million pesos.

So, if anything were to happen to you, we’ll make sure that your family will have the financial resources they need to go on.

Maximum Security

As a valued client, we want to make sure that you feel safe. Because you’re entrusting us with your hard-earned money, we’re putting in the work to ensure that it’ll always be safe in our hands. This is why RCBC has a top-of-the-line security system to ensure that your money will be safe. Multiple security systems are put in place to guarantee your security from fraudulent activities.

You can easily monitor any debit card-related events from the RCBC app. If anything is amiss, you immediately contact RCBC’s helpline, which RCBC Hexagon Club members have direct access to.

Aside from the stringent security measures that RCBC takes, the RCBC Hexagon Club Platinum Mastercard Debit Card, which is given to each RCBC Hexagon Club member, also comes with free insurance against financial loss.

Better Relationships

Another benefit you can get from being an RCBC Hexagon Club member is that you can have a better relationship with RCBC.

As we all know, to qualify for certain promos and get better rates on loans, you need to have a good standing relationship with your bank. But because you trust RCBC enough with your savings, we want to make sure that you’re well taken care of by caring for you in the best way we know how – through good banking services and many financial perks.

Our mission is to support you in your goals, as you do with us.

Who is the RCBC Hexagon Club For?

The RCBC Hexagon Club is open to individuals, MSEs, and corporations who have the resources to fulfill the minimum requirements. This club is perfect for anyone who wants to have more financial tools at their disposal to make better financial decisions.

What are the Requirements for RCBC Hexagon Club?

The best part of the RCBC Hexagon Club is that you don’t need to open a specialized account just to be a member. You can simply keep the required amount in your savings account.

Once you’ve deposited the required amount in your account, you can apply for Hexagon Club privileges at your nearest RCBC branch. All you need to do is sign the Hexagon club enrollment form, wait for the bank’s approval, and you’re good to go.

Now, you must be wondering what the different RCBC Hexagon Club memberships are and what the requirements are. We’ve listed these below:

Hexagon Club Privilege

For individual clients who want to achieve the Hexagon Club Privilege tier, they must maintain at least Php 100,000 in their savings account.

Hexagon Club Priority

If you’re able to maintain at least Php 1 million in your account and you’re an individual client, you can attain the Hexagon Club Priority status.

Being a Hexagon Club Priority member, you get exclusive access to RCBC’s priority phone line.

Hexagon Club Prestige

For entrepreneurs seeking more financial perks for their business, the Hexagon Club Prestige provides business owners with the financial tools they need to take their business higher.

The Hexagon Club Prestige status will require you to maintain at least Php 500,000 in your company’s bank account.

Taking the Next Step With RCBC

The RCBC Hexagon Club recognizes your hard work and rewards you for it. We want you to have a convenient banking experience and the opportunity to take charge of your financial journey. As a member of the RCBC Hexagon Club, you can have this.

RCBC Hexagon Club offers our most valued clients a personalized banking solution that offers ultimate convenience and many exclusive perks. You will always be our priority and we’ll always strive to provide a top-notch banking experience that rewards you for your loyalty.

Sign up for RCBC’s Hexagon Club today and set yourself up for a more financially savvy future.