Why Choose RCBC as Your Anytime, Anywhere Bank

Gone are the days when you had to schedule a trip to the bank for any transaction. Thanks to RCBC’s anytime anywhere banking technology, you can complete any banking transactions from your laptop or phone. You could also pay various bills online. 

Indeed, it seems we have reached the peak of convenience in the banking industry. But we are taking it further with the latest RCBC Pulz app features

In this article, we’ll talk about the lifestyle-enhancing features and benefits of banking anytime, anywhere. 

What is Anytime Anywhere Banking? 

Anytime anywhere banking is a system that allows bank customers to access their bank’s services wherever they are. It is a convenient and efficient way to process transactions with banks since it doesn’t require a trip to the bank. 

This system is powered by digital banking, which clients can access through the web or an app. Using these platforms, users can check their balance, pay bills, transfer funds, check investments, and so on. 

Why Anywhere Anytime Banking?

If you’re like most Filipinos, you live a fast-paced lifestyle that hardly differentiates between day and night. You travel around the country and abroad frequently. You have dozens of small and large transactions. You have investments, or a business, and want to make smart financial decisions.

Given their busy lifestyles, it is not uncommon for Filipinos to have more than one bank account, often from different banks. They fill in the gap of one bank with what another bank offers. One bank may offer more convenient ways to pay bills while another may have better interest rates.

With RCBC, you can manage all your financial needs with just one app. 

Busy Employees

If you’re an employee, you likely find banking times inconvenient since you also have work during those times. If you work the night shift, you may have to lose sleep to make it to the bank. 

Mismatched schedules simply make it difficult to conduct transactions at the bank, which is why digital banking is so convenient. Even shopping and transferring funds to your loved ones is easier – especially with RCBC. 

You can manage your savings account, prepaid account, credit cards, and investments in one app. You can do that during your lunch break, after work, or any time you are free. 


Entrepreneurs usually have multiple accounts for their business and personal finances. They need to always stay on top of their finances, even when they’re out of town. 

Entrepreneurs need to make financial decisions even when they’re out of town. With the RCBC Pulz app, they can stay in control and will not need to wait until they get home to implement major financial decisions.  

Frequent Travelers 

Frequent travelers also open separate accounts for their savings, online transactions, and transactions during trips to protect their hard-earned money from scams and hackers. 

Handling multiple accounts may be a hassle without anywhere anytime banking. For one, travelers need to know which banks have lower international fees. This helps them decide which account they will fund and use for their trips. Second, they need to notify their banks about upcoming trips to avoid having their cards frozen due to suspicious activity.

There are a lot of activities that travelers can do with just the RCBC Pulz app, such as opening your cards for international travel and buying foreign currency. 

With so much going on in your life, you need a bank that offers great banking products, convenience, and security.

RCBC: A Step Above in Banking Technology

RCBC is aware of the shift in consumer needs and expectations in recent years in relation to digital banking, and that it is bound to continue changing.

Anywhere banking adapts to these changing needs. The RCBC Pulz app is not just an app for checking balances, paying bills, and sending money to other bank accounts. The app takes users from cashless to cardless, allowing users to withdraw, deposit, and pay only through a QR code.

The RCBC Pulz app also lets users enroll different RCBC savings accounts, such as foreign currency savings, credit cards, loans, and investments. So, you only need to go to one app to check on every aspect of your finances. You can open new accounts or investments, apply for credit cards or loans, and buy and sell foreign currencies through the app as well.

The app also has a financial literacy section where you can read articles to help you make smarter financial decisions. For example, you can read about the different types of savings accounts, how to choose a savings account, or different loans RCBC offers.

RCBC takes it a step further by offering stronger security for all these transactions. 

All these new features offer stronger security for all users. Your accounts and transactions are secure with multiple security checks that take only a few seconds. 

Bank Anytime, Anywhere with RCBC

Whatever your life and financial goals are, we are here to empower you to make them all happen no matter where you are. Experience unparalleled convenience and safety with anytime anywhere banking technology by RCBC. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about the RCBC Pulz app and our other products.