What is Hexagon Club Priority?

Especially reserved for highly valued customers, RCBC Hexagon Club Priority is a priority banking program from an award-winning bank, where our main goal is to always secure your financial future through personalized service and expert advice that is tailored to you, all while simultaneously offering you with exclusive perks and privileges.



How can I be a member?

Simply open any RCBC Peso Checking or Savings account
and maintain the required deposit of at least Php 1 Million.






Useful Information
  • Impotant Notes

    • Free life insurance coverage and free ATM card insurance benefits are subject to terms and conditions. ATM card insurance only covers Hexagon Club Priority Debit Mastercard.
    • Issuance of RCBC Hexagon Club Credit Card is subject to RCBC Credit Cards's approval and processing time.
    • No withdrawal fee in any Bancnet ATM and Free 1 international ATM withdrawal per year can only be availed with Hexagon Club Priority Debit Mastercard.
    • Higher rates on time deposit will only apply to placements of at least Php 100,000 or USD 5,000 and will depend on member's Peso CASA-ADB.
    • Special rates on Forex will only apply to US Dollar transactions and will vary depending on member's Peso CASA-ADB.
    • Lower rates on loans, free gas voucher on auto loan, waived appraisal fee on home loan, and waived processing fee on personal loan will vary depending on member's Peso CASA-ADB and will be accorded upon loan availment. Waived appraisal fee will be via reimbursement and will be credited upon loan booking.
    • Hexagon Club members should maintain the required total Peso CASA ADB to continue enjoying their Hexagon Club membership benefits.

Enroll in Hexagon Club Priority today.