RCBC OneAccount Business

RCBC OneAccount Business is designed to cater to the needs of SMEs everywhere by providing a deposit product that offers simplicity, flexibility, and convenience.

Product Details

  • Requirements and Benefits

    Minimum Initial Deposit: P50,000

    Minimum ADB Required: P50,000


    Automatic qualification for Cash Management Services (CMS) products bundled depending on ADB

    Hexagon Prestige membership



Enjoy the following rates and Cash Management products:

ADB Tier Interest Rate Bills Payment eGov Payment BIR Payment Onsite Checkwriting Hexagon Prestige Mobile Checkscan Payroll
50k to < 100k 0.625%        
100k to < 500k 0.875%        
500k to < 1M 1.000%    
1M to < 2.5M 01.500%    
2.5M to < 5M 1.750%  
5M to < 10M 2.000%
10M to <50M 2.500%
50M and up 1.750%
* Rate may vary depending  on ADB and may change without prior notice
** Availment of CMS Bundled products depend on ADB and is still subject to separate transaction fees
+ Standard procedure and policy governing the opening of a checking account will still apply.

Calculate your net indicative interest amount with the calculator below.

Amount Interest Rate
50,000 to < 100,000 0.625%
100,000 to < P500,000 0.875%
500,000 to < 1,000,000 1.000%
1,000,000 to < 2,500,000 1.500%
2,500,000 to < 5,000,000 1.750%
5,000,000 to < 10,000,000 2.000%
10,000,000 to < 50,000,000 2.500%
50,000,000 and up 1.750%

*Rates are indicative and subject to change without prior notice. Please confirm with your branch.


Computation is based on interest earned after 30 days.

Net Interest:
Total Savings:

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