Getting to Know the RCBC Hexagon Credit Card

As we go through life, we start to realize the importance of convenience and having a partner who can help us do it all – especially when it comes to finance. For those looking for a credit card that prioritizes you and enables you to reach your goals, RCBC’s Hexagon Club credit card is exactly what you need.

Although to acquire this premium card, you’ll need to be a member of the exclusive RCBC Hexagon Club. But we promise that it’s worth it because of the many benefits that you’ll get from your Hexagon Club credit card, which we’ll discuss in this article.

What is the RCBC Hexagon Credit Card?

The RCBC Hexagon Club Platinum Mastercard is a credit card that’s exclusive to RCBC’s most valued Hexagon Club members.

One of the benefits of RCBC Hexagon Club members is that they get to experience top-notch financial and lifestyle services as a reward for their loyalty and support. Some of these premier lifestyle services include 24/7 concierge services, expert advice from lifestyle managers, and priority access to the best restaurants in the world. But all of this is just a tip of what RCBC’s Hexagon credit card can offer you.

What are the Benefits of the RCBC Hexagon Credit Card?

RCBC’s Hexagon credit card won’t just open new restaurant doors for you and allow you to live out your best life. It can also provide you with special VIP rates on luxury accommodations and travel. You’re also guaranteed a hassle-free shopping experience, no matter where you may be.

Interested? Let’s get down to the specifics then. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from the RCBC Hexagon Credit Card.

Travel Services

Are you ready for exclusive offerings and savings on your travels? RCBC Hexagon credit card holders are given special discounts on car rentals, select airlines, and private jets. So, you can travel in style and absolute comfort.

As an RCBC Hexagon credit card holder, over 1200+ of the world’s most exclusive travel lounges will open for you. Giving you a place to work, stay, and relax while you’re waiting for your flight to your next adventure. You can even avail yourself of a special VIP package for two that allows you to enjoy free-flowing champagne in the Champagne Lounge, Foredeck Seating, or Bow Table, and enjoy early boarding for your next flight.

Aside from these perks, you can also enjoy savings on tour and travel packages, while also getting exclusive perks from your hotel such as complimentary room upgrades, breakfast for two, and early check-ins or late checkouts from over 3,800 luxury hotels and resorts.

Lifestyle Services

Imagine you’re in a new city and you haven’t had enough time to Google the best places to eat, shop, or play, you can simply call the 24/7 concierge services to help you.

Our resident Travel and Lifestyle Managers can direct you to the best spots in your area from events to dining, our team has got you covered. You’re also guaranteed to get the best deals while you’re shopping with your Hexagon Club Platinum Mastercard.

Exclusive Experiences

Grow yourself holistically by taking charge of your experiences. With RCBC’s Hexagon credit card, you’ll have the resources to go to the best wellness classes, exclusive events, and premiere restaurants.

This card is set to help you live out your best life minus the friction of having to find these deals. Of course, as a valued RCBC client, you also get great deals on these experiences.

Preferential Rates

We can make your shopping experience even better when you’re abroad by giving you low foreign exchange rates when you use your card. So don’t be afraid to shop till you drop because we’ve got the best rates for you.

No Annual Fees

The best part about being an RCBC Hexagon credit card holder? No annual fees. For life. So, you can save more each year without doing anything at all!

How Can I Get a Hexagon Credit Card?

By now you must be wondering what you can do to get the Hexagon credit card. Well, you have to be an RCBC Hexagon Club member before you get the opportunity to apply for this card. Our Hexagon Club members just simply need to talk to their relationship manager and wait for their application to be approved.

Aside from this credit card, our Hexagon Club members are a part of the country’s award-winning mass affluent banking service. Being a part of this club means you get priority service at any RCBC branch as well as a Hexagon Club Privilege debit card that allows you to use any ATM with zero fees.

Ultimate Convenience at the Palm of Your Hand

RCBC’s Hexagon credit card can help you live out your best life at the best deals possible. With RCBC, you’re guaranteed maximum convenience and exclusive perks.

Are you ready to be a Hexagon credit card member? Request for a call here to get started!