Bank Accounts with No Maintaining Balance: Your Guide to Simple and Flexible Banking

Feeling overwhelmed by the endless banking options out there? Do you need a bank account without unnecessary requirements? Wondering what bank has no maintaining balance? If you answered yes to these questions, you're not alone. A lot of people, especially those new to banking, wish for a simpler and hassle-free bank account.

You deserve that kind of banking experience, and it's out there waiting for you. At RCBC, our goal is to help you discover the ideal bank account, provide easy-to-understand explanations, and share uncomplicated processes. Find the perfect bank account that suits your needs and makes your banking experience stress-free!

Exploring RCBC's Bank Accounts with No Maintaining Balance

Let's begin by understanding what "no maintaining balance" means. In a nutshell, it means you don't need to keep a minimum amount in your account. No more stress about hitting a particular balance — just a straightforward, fuss-free banking experience.

A related term is the Average Daily Balance (ADB). ADB is the average amount of money you need to keep in your account over a specific period, usually a month. It's connected to maintaining balance because some banks require customers to keep a certain ADB to avoid fees.

With RCBC's no maintaining balance accounts, you don’t have to worry about maintaining a specific ADB, making banking simpler and more accessible. Let’s explore the different types of RCBC bank accounts in the Philippines with no maintaining balance.

  1. 1. RCBC’s OneAccount: Versatility at Your Fingertips

OneAccount offers a unique combination of savings, checking, and time deposit features. This means that you get the best of both worlds — the ability to save for the future while having the convenience of a checking account for day-to-day transactions.

 Whether you're planning for long-term goals or managing your everyday expenses, the award-winning OneAccount from RCBC ensures you still have access to several benefits.

Perfect for: Individuals looking for a wide range of features


  • Savings, checking, and time deposit
  • Debit card, transaction journal, and checkbook
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Life insurance, personal accident insurance, and card insurance


Interest Rate: 0.15% - 4.00%

Required Average Daily Balance (ADB): None

Balance to Earn Interest: PHP 25,000

  1. 2. iSave: Digitally Empower Your Finances

iSave is not just a bank account; it's a digital financial companion that empowers you to take control of your finances anytime, anywhere. With iSave, you're not bound by physical branches or traditional banking hours. This bank account with no minimum balance offers you the ability to check your balance, transfer funds, and track transactions in just a few clicks.

Whether you're at home, on the go, or anywhere in between, iSave from RCBC brings banking convenience to your fingertips, ensuring your financial journey is as modern and dynamic as you are.

Perfect for: Digital-savvy individuals who prefer managing finances online


  • Fully digital account for convenient online management
  • Free Personal Accident Insurance
  • Free Hospitalization Benefit
  • No minimum initial deposit


Interest Rate: 0.15% - 0.20%

Required Average Daily Balance (ADB): None

Balance to Earn Interest: PHP 5,000

  1. 3. Basic Savings: Banking for All

The Basic Savers account is designed with simplicity in mind. It’s affordable and easy to open, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an effortless banking option. With a low initial deposit, this account aims to provide accessible banking services to those who are unbanked or have low income.

As a Basic Deposit Account (BDA) recognized by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, this account offers an affordable initial deposit. Additionally, the requirements are minimal. This ensures that banking is uncomplicated and within reach for all.

Perfect for: Individuals seeking an affordable option


  • ATM Card access
  • Minimal identification requirements
  • Minimal initial deposit (PHP 100)


 Interest Rate: None

 Required Average Daily Balance (ADB): None

 4. GoSavers: Financial Literacy from a Young Age

GoSavers, made for kids and teens, is all about making saving money fun and easy. This savings account with no minimum balance is like a helping hand for young savers, showing them that saving can be exciting. It's a great way for kids and teens to learn the ropes of financial management while enjoying the perks that come with GoSavers.

 RCBC understands that starting early builds a strong foundation, and with GoSavers, we're making it enjoyable for the younger generation to kickstart their saving journey. In addition, parents enjoy added benefits with free comprehensive insurance, ensuring peace of mind for their family's future.

Perfect for: Young savers and students learning the ropes of financial management


  • Free comprehensive insurance for both the parent/s and the child
  • ATM Card and Passbook
  • Minimal initial deposit (PHP 100)


 Interest Rate: 0.15%

 Required Average Daily Balance (ADB): None

 Balance to Earn Interest: PHP 5,000

As a bank with no maintaining balance options, RCBC ensures that everyone can find the perfect fit for their financial journey. Whether you're a tech-savvy individual, a young saver, or someone seeking a straightforward and affordable option, RCBC has you covered.

Maximizing Your Account with No Maintaining Balance

Designed to empower you on your financial journey, these accounts offer a range of benefits while also addressing common questions and misconceptions.

Advantages of Opening a Savings Account with No Maintaining Balance

Starting your banking journey using a savings account with no minimum balance is a game-changer. Here's why:

  • Stress-Free Banking. No need to worry about keeping a specific amount in your account. Enjoy the freedom of banking without the pressure.
  • Accessibility. No maintaining balance means your money is always accessible. Whether you're saving for a long-term goal or managing everyday expenses, your funds are always at your fingertips.
  • Financial Empowerment. No maintaining balance accounts empower you to start saving without hurdles. It's a stepping stone toward financial independence and a secure financial future.


Let's take a closer look at OneAccount, one of RCBC's bank accounts with no maintaining balance:


OneAccount: A versatile account that combines the features of savings and checking. Additionally, RCBC OneAccount for Business provides the same versatility for the financial needs of your business.

Other Accounts with Minimum Balance: Limited functionality compared to the dynamic features of OneAccount.



OneAccount: Enjoy optimal returns on your savings with higher interest rates.

Other Accounts with Minimum Balance: Rates may vary, and some may require a higher balance for better returns.



OneAccount: Easy access to funds without worrying about maintaining a balance.

Other Accounts with Minimum Balance: Having a maintaining balance could limit accessibility.


Possible Disadvantages of Having No Maintaining Balance

While bank accounts with no maintaining balance offer numerous benefits, it's essential to be aware of potential downsides:

  • Account Fees. Certain banks may impose fees for no maintaining balance accounts, particularly for automation and fund transfers. These charges can have an impact on your cost savings.
  • Limited Features. In some cases, accounts without a maintaining balance may have fewer features compared to premium accounts with higher balances.
  • Account Type Restrictions. Certain perks, such as premium interest rates, might be exclusive to specific account types with maintaining balances.


RCBC tackles potential disadvantages of no maintaining balance accounts by providing clear answers to common questions and debunking misconceptions. We prioritize transparency and flexibility to ensure a seamless banking experience for our customers.


Common Questions about Bank Accounts with No Minimum Balance

Can I Still Earn Interest Even Without Maintaining a Balance?

Yes you can, depending on the account type you choose. With RCBC's no maintaining balance accounts, you can earn interest even with a minimal balance!

Can I apply for multiple bank accounts with no maintaining balance?

Absolutely! With RCBC, you have the freedom to open multiple accounts without any maintaining balance requirement. This allows you to tailor your financial strategy to different goals, offering you unparalleled convenience.

Can I Upgrade to an Account with a Maintaining Balance Later?

Yes! If your financial situation changes, you can upgrade to an account with a maintaining balance to access additional features and benefits. Just reach out to RCBC's customer service for a smooth transition.


Common Myths on Accounts with No Maintaining Balance

Myth #1: Accounts with No Maintaining Balance are Less Secure

Reality: No maintaining balance accounts are as secure as any other account. RCBC prioritizes security across all account types, ensuring your funds are protected.

Myth #2: An Account with No Maintaining Balance Means Limited Customer Services

Reality: RCBC's savings accounts with no maintaining balance still offer full customer service. From online transactions to ATM access, you get all the convenience without the stress of maintaining a balance. 

Myth #3: No Maintaining Balance Accounts Have Lower Interest Rates

Reality: RCBC offers attractive interest rates across different account types, making them a great option for those looking to save and grow their money.

Choosing RCBC as Your Financial Partner

Experience smooth banking from the start with RCBC, with simplicity, accessibility, and a range of savings accounts with no minimum balance that’s perfect for your first banking journey.

All-in-One Banking: Experience the Best of Both Worlds

RCBC offers accounts that seamlessly blend savings and checking features, providing you with the ability to manage your finances effortlessly.

Customer-Centric Approach: Your Needs Come First

RCBC prioritizes your requirements, offering a customer-centric approach to ensure your banking experience is smooth, personalized, and meets your expectations. With RCBC, you can enjoy transparent and accessible banking services.

Innovative Digital Banking: Banking at Your Fingertips

Access your accounts anytime, anywhere with RCBC's innovative digital banking services, empowering you to manage your finances on the go.

Step-by-Step Guide to Opening an Account with RCBC

Begin your financial journey with RCBC, where opening a bank account is a breeze. Either visit an RCBC branch or apply online. Here's your guide to unlocking hassle-free banking:

  1. Present One (1) Valid ID

Your ticket to financial freedom starts with a single valid ID. Whether it's a Philippine Identification (PhilSys), Passport, Philippine UMID, Driver's License, Postal ID, SSS ID, or PRC ID, there are several options that you can choose to present.

  1. Set Up Anywhere

The power is in your hands! Effortlessly manage your account with the RCBC Digital app, offering you the opportunity to bank from the comfort of your home or wherever life takes you.

  1. Access Instantly

Say goodbye to waiting. With RCBC, you can start transacting within minutes of opening your account. It's not just banking; it's an instant pathway to your finances.

Whether you prefer the personalized touch of an RCBC branch or the convenience of an online bank application with no maintaining balance, RCBC is here to simplify your banking journey.

Start Your Banking Journey Easily with RCBC

Choosing a bank account is a step toward financial independence and bank accounts with no maintaining balance are a great option. They offer flexibility and ease of use, making them an ideal choice for individuals looking to start saving without the pressure of maintaining a balance.

RCBC offers a range of no maintaining balance accounts that are tailored to meet different needs.  We believe that banking should be easy to understand, accessible, and tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you're looking for a savings account without a maintaining balance or a straightforward checking account, RCBC offers a range of options designed with simplicity in mind.

Our commitment to providing an uncomplicated banking experience means you can focus on your financial goals without the unnecessary complexities. We want you to feel confident and empowered as you embark on this financial journey, and that starts with choosing the right bank account.

Take the next step in your journey toward financial independence! Whether you're saving for the future or managing everyday expenses, RCBC is ready to guide you every step of the way.

Find the perfect bank account and take control of your finances. Open an account with RCBC today!